I'm having trouble deciding on traps

The changes to synergies in 2.4 is really making me struggle to decide how to build my trapsin. I’ve never played one before and I want to try it, but now I can’t decide how to build her.

I could prioritize death sentry and wake of inferno. 20 fb, 20 ls, 20 ds, 20 wof, 20 woi. But fireblast no longer has synergy with ds, so I’d lose out on fb damage whereas previously fb was pretty strong with this setup from what I understand.

I could instead prioritize woi and put 20 in charged bolt sentry and 1 in ds, giving me full power fb, a decent ds, full power woi, and a somewhat powerful ls. But then both my lightning damage traps aren’t full power and I have to figure out something for fire immunity

If I prioritize lightning sentry, then I just end up with extra points that turns the build into a ds build with no fire traps. And, again, a subpar fireblast.

I don’t know what to do.

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Trapsin is one of my favorite build and a good starter build.
Personnaly I’ve followed Icy-veins guide but it was in 2.4. You are right about immunes.
Some of these guides are old and I suspect they can be a tad updated.

My tried and tested build is hybrid LS,DS and Dragon talon.

Max LS and 1 synergy, max dt, 10 in DS rest in remaining LS synergy. When i can afford rift, weapon switch to riftsin no need to respec.

Dont need infi to be able to kill anything including ubers and dclone. Infi is of course supersweet to have.

Since you can break 8-9k damage with fireblast somewhat easily at this point, I don’t bother with more than a single point to death sentry. Here’s what I suggest:

Max Fireblast, Shock Web, CB sentry, Light sentry
1 point to all Shadow Disc skills except for venom (you don’t really NEED shadow master if you’re pvm, too)
1 point to kick (1 to Dflight too if you’re pre-enigma)

The rest of your points go to a fireblast synergy of your choice. If you have fort/phoenix with a high damage claw (example: ethereal chaos suwayyah), you’ll have fine damage with your extra points going to blade sentinel/blade fury (I don’t recommend bothering with Blade Shield - especially with an ethereal chaos, since it will deplete the durability)

Personally I went full DS as my main damage. FB is just for lightning immunes and some other occasions. LS if for synergy.