If You're Bored This Weekend

Since when Classic has separate ladders from the Expansion?

the word You’re seeing and that is not present in OP post is " resurrected"

He does mean Diablo2 Classic, not Diablo2Resurrected Classic. This terminology has been discussed already, and i think he uses it properly. the term Diablo2Classic should mean only Diablo2 Classic, but i think it goes 2g4 with D2:LoD, as this ladder reset has ben confirmed, D2R on the other hand has 22 nights of errrroaaaar.

For some reason instead of using something more descriptive, like “Legacy”, Blizzard has normed on referring to the original D2 and D2/LoD as “classic”, despite everyone calling vanilla D2 without LoD “classic” for the last 20 years.

So this post is talking about the ladder reset on the legacy D2/LoD games.

Best post ever from op.

I know what it was supposed to mean, I just wanted to point out how incompetent is that intern writing those news…

lol same… i hardly remember what i block people for but i’m never opening the can again.

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I might hit it for old time’s sake. If my Armored Core 6 addiction allows me to play anything else right now.