If all players abided by the EULA, we wouldn't be having these problems

Every single online game in existence has hackers and cheats. Nothing new. But those games have a MUCH higher server demand and MUCH higher player volume then D2R does. Apex Legends has a HUGE asian player base as well as people around the world. Call Of duty War Zone is a very high demand on servers and system and full of cheaters. So how do they manage to keep their servers up and not experience down time daily with high server volume?
2 kinds of people in the world. Excuse people and solutions people. Tired of the excuses for a low demand game being such a load on servers, EVEN with hackers and cheats. Still does not change the fact we were told these issues would not exist on new servers.

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Or its because they like the game as intended. The new servers were supposed to stop those exploits, not game changes. So this moron is blaming D2 purists for all this? Purists are the opposite of cheaters you low IQ imbecile. You have a twisted definition of purist. Purist are against cheats. Hense the word PURE

Well, I hope the problems are solved soon and those that are abusing the game are swiftly punished. I had high hopes for this game to solve the problems of the original game, which that hope is slowly being eroded away. I have a lot of patience, but even high patience has it’s breaking point.

Here’s hoping for the best outcome. Keep working the problems, Blizzard. Cheers.

What you consider the “game as intended” was in reality the game that was abandoned.

How could new servers stop exploits when any time a change was made or even brought up that might help stop exploits and bugs, people like you started screaming and telling people to “go back to D3”.

As far as I’m concerned, the purists are the worst exploiters of the bunch. You all cried when two of the exploits were fixed but expect everyone to believe those were the only two exploits you ever used.

Sure you are. The last 15 years of D2LoD has everyone running around with duped gear and botted Baal runs while exploiting mercs and weapon swapping to break stuns… but I’m sure everyone here didn’t do that, people like you just cried to make sure it could be done again by fighting any change made for other reasons.

Oh my lord these peole, as i said in anothe post. It must be great being your boss, rush to defend your owners, even if underpayed and overworked. You think duppers are crashing a blizz server you must be brain dead and flatearther. That conspiracy has been debunked alredy stop dreaming.

The devs have now spoken, and it has nothing to do with exploiters: Diablo II: Resurrected Outages: An explanation, how we’ve been working on it, and how we’re moving forward



Takes off tinfoil hat, crumples it into a ball

Posted link on OP. Thanks for sharing.


I think most workers work 8-10 hour days; so I’d bet that building company has more than 7 hours downtime each day.

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That blue post is probably the most transparent post at first sight i have seen in years. I hope they keep the same level of detail and improve on the frequency at which they are rolling out those posts.


That blue post was a very good read, and it explains the problems in great detail.

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Yes it was. I feel somewhat better after the read. It seems like they have quite a problem on their hands. Hoping for a resolution soon!


The boomers are what is ruining this game. Decrepit vile abominations, I say. With their ad hominem, false dilemma, and appeal to ignorance rudimentary argumentative strategies. Makes you wonder how they manage turning on their PC, seeing how they lack the mental capacity to do any deductive reasoning. A person could find it easy to believe that some of these individuals think that the images they see on their screen are being broadcast to them by the devine.


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what i find funny is the number of people who say that unironically.

What I find funny is you assumed it wasn’t intentional… I mean, I signed it “Troll”…

This … 100% … when was the last time an exploit or bug or mod or cheat that allowed you to get an advantage , wasnt abused ???

When are we gonna act righteously has gamers … the answer is never apparently!

What about restoring the LAN game function? , Seriously, that is there locked but is there from legacy, and people can play together with their local characters , with friends asides from battlenet while the service is down, is not a solution, but its a nice workaround that some players will be happy to have again better than play alone.


Hilarious! I just read through that announcement and nowhere in the whole text does it say anything about being a problem with player’s breaking the terms in the EULA.

So your claim is completely false and the reason that the server is having problems is because of the server load, which we all knew in the first place.

They didn’t stress test the servers with a high enough load in testing and now they are realizing their mistake, simple.

Offline players can still recreate as many games as fast as they want. BNet players will have to suffer login and game creation queues because they didn’t understand that 300,000+ players will be creating a new game every 20 seconds because that’s how farming works in Diablo 2.


You do realize that this topic was created before the blue post was made. The original post was edited to include the blue post. Additionally a post was done, once the blue post hit:

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And if everyone was honest lawyers and locksmiths would be out of business.

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Not locksmiths… people can be honest and dumb/forgetful… well I guess same for lawyers… Lawyers study law and help people understand how to do business under those laws. Nothing really to do with dishonesty or criminality.