I cant see 40 games on lobby anymore

Yesterday i was seeing 40 games on Hell dificult, today i came back to the creepy 20 games. What just happened with the patch 2.4.3 news?
Isnt working as intended anymore i guess.

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I noticed that my NL list went back to 20 as well. But checking my ladder normal character, there are 40 games. It’s weird. It seems to be a bug.

I’m noticing this too. Ladder Softcore, list is back at 20 capped. Just did a trade game, and was interested at looking through lobby and seen this.

Im playing on Non-Ladder Softcore and only 20 games right now. Do they said anything about that “rollback”?

I just logged into nl sc, and searched around a little. I had 23 games, then 24 on normal diff with refresh. Then switched back to ladder sc, only 20 max. There was another banwave today, maybe something hit the servers with that.

What time did the rollback happen? My inventory looks the same but i dont pick up much stuff because its all trash. I guarantee i didnt lose anything.