Hustle - Consider Last Minute Changes

Before you close up shop for 2.6, please consider a few tweaks to Hustle weapon to ensure its an attractive option for using as a primary weapon (beyond pre-buff utility) while the Hustle armor defensive stats remain solid.

First, to make this runeword readily available in Nightmare playthrough, the developers should change from Shael Ko Eld to Shael Shael Eth. This change would lower the level requirement from 39 to 29 and could be farmed at NM Countess.

For the Hustle Weapon, the developers should change Fanaticism Aura from Level 1 to Level 3-5. This would improve the radius for minions and mercs from a very limited 7.3 yards to a workable 8.6-10 yards. Changing to Shael Shael Eth, the IAS would increase from 30% to 40% (Shael) and add -25% Target Defense (Eth) while removing Ko and Eld rune modifiers…

For the Hustle Armor, changing to Shael Shael Eth, the FHR would increase from 20% to 40% (Shael) and add Regenerate Mana 15% (Eth) while removing Ko and Eld rune modifiers…

One last detail. Hustle name feels out of place with Diablo lore and aesthetics. The names: Fervor, Haste, Vehemence or Celerity is much more fitting.


I vote to revert it to 9 BOS, so we can have a melee swap item that isn’t cta.

Let us blast and zoom around.

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I like the idea of level 9 BoS on an end game weapon that you actually use. Kind of like adding Frenzy to any character with different weapon options. I don’t mind charging up a little, but I don’t want to be using something completely useless until a proc, and then changing to the real weapon. If it’s on a crappy weapon, then the speed you gain is lost in the time it takes to proc.

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I’d support it iff Hustle would replace CtA. But we all know that it’d be used in addition to it (and not only by melee build), leading to annoying swapping and pre-buffing.
Pre-buffs should be limited to equipped items only.

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i agree, slightly increasing the Fanaticism Aura to 3 this better radius without being too much overpowered, at level 3:

  • 8.6 yards from 7.3
  • 20% attack speed from 14%
  • 84% increase to your damage from 50%
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I think they should buff Hustle weapon’s Fanaticism Aura and give it minus target defense by changing to Eth rune would make it a very solid runeword.

For a runeword that also has a Burst of Speed proc and only requires a Ko rune? Hmm.

I agree with the name change though.

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Agreed, never liked the name Hustle.

I prefer as a “while equip” with a higher level rather than o-skill

  • mercs can’t use o-skills so i can’t use on my merc anymore
  • auras, summoning skills and quite a lot of skills uses with minions are all lock on the right click so I have to interrupt the aura every time that i have to use a spell
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