How to improve diablo 2 - I need your feedback

More characters or storage in multiplayer.


-option to show ilvl.
-maybe small improvements for bad crafting receipes sothat they could fit in a niche or so.
-a3 mercs need a dmg buff (either through a lvl 1 mastery or higher spell level) and maybe a block chance (even without animation) for better survivability. also slightly higher str stat progression (+10%-15%) sothat he can use eth spirit shield earlier than lvl 94.
-a5 could need a insight knockoff sword (without fcr, maybe 2h and worse dmg than other alternatives (bloodletter, black, honor, etc) sothat you wont see sorcs and barb players using it early game, dont want to create another spirit fiasco where all alternatives get killed) to be a good alternative to a2 during normal/nightmare/early hell
-bladesin’s blade fury stops attacking after a monster is killed, making horrible to kill mobs due to the wind up time adding up for each monster.

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Cubing 2 uniques of the same type into one with rerolled increased stats sounds promising. But the cube size would need to get increased to 4x4.

I dont like Grimward fear effect + it not working on Bosses and that it cant be made from most undead corpses.
I dont like Leap attack weak AoE not scaling with weapon damage (or boots kick dmg?).

I dont like Crafting recipes turn ethereal item into non-ethereal.
I dont like majority of the Crafting recipes, where no useful item can be made.
Also rerolling ethereal Magic weapon with 3 Pgems turn it into non-ethereal.

Nothing else concrete I can think off that will make me play the game more.


Here are a few changes I’d do off the top of my head.

  1. Anya reward for killing Nihlathak change. The current reward is frankly mediocre so instead I propose she add a Staff Mod(of your choosing instead of at random) to an item that can roll with Staff Mods(ex: Staves for Sorceress, Wands for Necromancers, Claws for Assassins(Exceptional/Elite variants only) and so on). She can also change an existing Staff Mod to one that you’d like and this can be applied to any qualifying item of Normal, Magic or Rare variety. I haven’t decided if I’d add Unique/Set items to the list(I’m leaning against it), but this change would certainly help players when making Memory/Insight/Obsession Staves, Chaos/Plague Claws and other runewords in some pretty nifty bases.

  2. Grim Ward change. Firstly, it doesn’t need a corpse to be placed but behaves like a Trap with limited duration. Instead of fearing enemies who go near it, it slows them instead. Think of it as a portable Holy Freeze that would greatly help the Barbarian in combat situations.

  3. Overhauling Class Sets. I have a topic on this already where I feel all the Sets could use some tweaks, although some more than others. Priority would be M’avina and Aldur Class Sets.

  4. Act 5 Frenzy Merc can use 2-H Swords in one-hand. Would open up more options for the Barbarian Mercenary.

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Most of my 2.4 PTR suggestions are still relevant…

Act VI

20 characters

Which is a tiny number. You’ve proven that your cube recipe is not only not needed but will kill the end game itemisation chase.

Lemme see the characters stash from the selection screen

How about nef the heck out of things that can run P8 solo?
How about bringing back individuality/specialty by keeping class skill, class specific?
How about a mechanic that allows melee to be competitive regarding rune drops?

Zipping up the ol’ flame suit.

The 2 biggest problems in this game are:

  • Casters vs melee balance from the perspective of attainability of items across all stages as well as general clear speeds. Aside from casters having a general advantage, a number of caster characters such as hammerdins and javazons are to varying degrees broken from a balance perspective, and;
  • Lack of true co-op play that forces everyone into to either playing solo or split farming.

Someone else that gets it.
Thank you.

" How to improve diablo 2"
test patches before releasing them.

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i have too be agree with you looking today patch , the change for ww is very underwhelming 4 frame for Two-handed is gone

Yep, I mentioned 2nd point as well in mine earlier this morning. The balance is getting better though, so I see them pulling through on that end.

Weirdly, I was thinking last night on loot as well. As much as I’d like a better overall system in place for the game as a whole, I’d settle for the p1 instanced as an option as not to ruin the game for those that really do take competitive seriously on loot drops. However, if they were to replace the system, I would for one say that they shouldn’t touch it in Offline. It’s fine the way it is.

I would imagine something like the following for a full instanced system would be neat: default no drop for mobs being 50% (current is like 62.5% or something), then scale 2% reduction per additional player in game, with an additional 2% reduction per party member within the “party bonus” range. It’d put 8 player party in same zone around 22% no drop, which is about where the current players 5 unpartied is. You preserve the ability for a party split questing to achieve progress faster to take advantage of better drops still, but the biggest incentive would be for partying.

Yeah, it was a bit shocking this morning that there was no downtime like they planned. Like they decided to just hit the switch on instead of going through the maintenance cycles. Worked fine for hours though, no issues. Came back after eating dinner to see all the messages here.

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TCP/ip put back in so I can play single player with my son

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No way you can be serious.

Any time I go through the monastery there’s always that one door that I have to click like 5 times to open. Maybe a fix for that.

Also an undo button for the most recent stat/skill point assigned, even if it’s only usable if you have not closed the stat/skill menu. That would cover a few mistakes I’ve made here and there.

Other than that I forgot every possible improvement I have ever thought of

Nice. And now take into consideration you’d need that many runes; even Rals/Tals are not found so easily is such quantities.

Hmm the short list for me.

-Fix the r-click skill randomly swapping when using quick bar on K&M on PC.

-Fix the “Show life on orb” option from randomly unchecking itself. (Particularly annoying watching for Oak Sage deaths, or BO durations.)

-Improve usability of Iron Golem for Necro. It’s either useless, or too risky. Maybe make it save the last item it was made from and resummoning without an item resummons it’s last form?

-Rework synergies for golems for necro as they are absolutely useless.

-Remove Taunt/Warcry from Act 5 mercs and replace with something like Shout.

-Lower the high end scaling of many aoe skills from various casters. As they were designed at a time people weren’t generally running around with level 44-48 skills.

-Bring Grief down to something more reasonable for it’s rune cost. Then buff the % damage on melee abilities that typically rock grief to bring them up around the same level again or slightly higher.

-Remove MF from enigma. It just doesn’t need it as it already already does it’s job of speeding up Super Unique/Boss farm speed. Also actually hinders farming bases.

-Expand the size of areas like the Temples is act 3, Drifters, Icy Celler, Pit of Archon ect. while it’s nice tha they are now 85… they are just waaay too small.