How to buff Melee

Yeah. Welcome to D2. You new?

You realize the thread you are posting in is called “how to buff Melee”?

Yes and I’ve made several suggestions, as well as a current solution.
Meanwhile all you’ve done is troll.

And for the record you can also get a 6 socket weapon by act 3 NM even single player.

Have anything useful to add to the conversation or are you still too busy patting yourself on the back and telling yourself what a good boy you are?

Grats on regurgitating other’s ideas? :rofl:

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Still no idea ehh?

Look man you are just talking to hear yourself talk at this point. If you need a friend to talk to go look somewhere else. Maybe go buy one with your FG.

If you have a suggestion make one.

We all can’t be as brilliant as you…

Oh wait…

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People who want fighters damage buffed to the levels of casters. WHY? Why don’t you just play casters if that’s the damage levels you like. There are PLENTY of casters to play.

Could not agree more.
And, I don’t really like to see nerf’s… I mean if someone enjoys a build so powerful it can clear P8 fast enough to farm it… well… ok.
So, in general, I don’t want melee buff’d… as someone else noted making things easier/too-easy… something to that effect.

This thread seems to be Barb-centric, with some Pally hate/envy9whatever the correct word is), but, I would like to note as a lvl96 zeal/fanta Pally (with all the right name-brand gear, none of it perfect, but some of it pretty dang good), I often times have a really hard time keeping up with Barb’s 4-5 lvl’s lower than my character.
Couple nights ago was joining Baal-walk runs, and there was a lvl91 WW barb clearing house! I mean, I’d round the corner trying to catch up, only to see the last of mobs being slayed… guy was a monster.

But low level melee isn’t weak tho. At least, depending what do you mean by low lvl. Acts 1-2-3 are easy as pie on fighter classes. Not so fast as a fissure druid or smth, but still very easy. Arguably easier than a sorc because they don’t drain mana so fast, aren’t as squishy, etc.

Difficulties appear in act 4 and 5 normal, because

  1. act 4 monsters have lots more health than act 3 + those flesh spawners and baby maggots get to fighter characters much more than to mages with AoE

  2. act 5 monsters start at around level 33! Have you ever entered act 5 at a close to this level? You’re lucky if you’re 25, usually. Llama did a full clear playthrough recently on normal, and he got to Act 5 only on 28! So this level difference really makes it feel unfair to melees. And then Baal is level 60 with 40% chance to block… you’re lucky to hit him 1 out of 5 times.

After that you’re on nightmare with usually an appropriate level, and it gets much easier until monster health starts to ramp up again in act 4, where lots of non-OP builds may start to struggle a bit or a lot (it has fire immunes, high damage, game just starts to get difficult if you’re not well prepared).

All that said, I think what could be done to make it all less awful is:

  1. Maybe reduce spawn rate on flesh spawners and maggots on normal, or reduce life values on the spawned things so you can 1 shot them with a pool noodle on normal

  2. Reduce monster levels in act 5 a little bit

  3. Remove or reduce block chance from act bosses

So what are you saying? Nerf melee and buff casters? Come on man :stuck_out_tongue:

I just want better vendor items, I keep getting good rolls like fools and cruel, but they keep spawning on normal trash items. In act 5 nightmare. I am at the end of nightmare, and I get like 1 exceptional vendor item for every 7-10 times I visit the shop, and of course it doesn’t spawn with the mods I need it to.

I have so much other gear, and if I made a sorc, I could probably farm 10X as fast as my barb can. On higher player count difficulty. >.< Barb things.

Melee requires knowlege to be good. You need a healthy balance of every stat which makes melee difficult to master. Too little defense, you die. Low block rate, you die. Low hit recovery, get stunned and die. Low attack rating, cannot hit target # dead. Low life, get one shotted. Low resistances, get nuked. It all boils down to git gud.

I was mostly referring to that awkward gap that mostly comes between the start of act 2 NM and the moment you slap on a Grief. Particularly with light/no twinking.

As I’ve said about a thousand times now, personally I don’t much want them to make any changes to it at all, I’m somewhat of a purist. I’d just rather if changes to a perceived problem WERE to be made… they’d be ones I could tolerate.

I don’t know why people find it so hard to give potential solutions to a problem they themselves don’t have.

Increase base damage, ed, ar and ias to all weapons, add more ds,cb,ow to uniques,sets.

Maybe slightly nerf CB cuz its too OP.

Melee should be stronger in PvM cuz hits mostly single targets and its all in close combat so players need all possible stats in high values.

Problem fixed.

Melee is the weakest for sure

Sorcs and all that caper are so naff though - everyone looks at a frenzying barb and wishes they were one. Then they try it, and give up immediately :smiley:

The best character that I’ve ever had was a Frenzy barb. He could do the whole game on players8. Took forever to farm the gear offline. He used Death, Lawbringer, Highlords, Enigma, and Infinity on the merc.

Crazy set up - youd be missing plenty of IAS. Surprised that worked on P8 being miiles away from any reasonable breakpoint.

Also, + 50 attack? I miss with + thousands of attack!

Infinity merc on a barb too! Crazzzzzyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

Would love to know your secrets if you are willing to share.

Lawbringer allows you to ignore the physical resistance of undead, which means you can kill PI ghosts easy. It also casts decrepify which gives you more damage and slows monsters for more safety. Death casts glacial spike, freezing enemies. Infinity removes enemy defense, which means you don’t need any AR gear.

I’m looking up the attack speed breakpoints for Frenzy. I had my Lawbringer in a Legend Sword, and my Death in a Colossus Sword. It looks like you only need 50 IAS to reach 5 fpa if you equip Legend Sword in the main hand.

I did not know that about infinity. Nice one.