How is the game? Many of us can't even get past the "Play" button

Everyone here having fun?


Nope, been locked out for 9 hours due to “your character is already in a game” bug. Cant even create a new SC char.

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Blizzard at their best for launches

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Same problems of all of you. My sistem requirements are ok.
I can’t play the game. Please Fix it.


9/29…still can’t launch…everything is up to date and meets req…

The game is awesome, I have had nonstop fun

(server issues and glitches aside lol)

Finally installed the game today. Took seven tries to get past the “loading” screens showing all the logos and other slow stuff that used to be easily skipped (still is, but still takes way too long to process.) Made a character. Took a few steps, saved and exited. Will try later maybe.

Not sure I want to play a game that feels like every click forward is ten backward.

I agree, I reinstalled 3 times including updates, and crashes seconds after hitting Play.


im not real computer savy so at this point after reading the countless problems that this game is having im ready to just ask for a refund. i shouldnt be having to do all the little tricks and reinstalls and end up right where i started, crashing after i hit play.

I literally cannot relate. I have an offline character in hell mode already and my online character is about to get to hell mode. I have done nothing special.

To me still the same crap from when I play Diablo II, diablo III was better, this one have more bugs than by under sink cabinet. The latest is if I die my second weapon disappear but if I swap weapons the disappeared will appear and the one in use disappear this time, never both are wear. Fire those dummy coders. WOW was a joke and continue been a joke. I don’t think you guys will in the business for long.

The game is pretty great until my internet has a hiccup.