Holy Fire Question

So, I want to build a Holyfire Pally, I’m being told different things about my question.

Using the planner I seen that I can have a level 44 aura with the gear, and a lvl 20-28 ish aura with my skills

Some say the lvl 44 aura will override the low lvl one, but others say they will act like a 44 and a 20+ on the same tick but others say it will be a 64+ aura?

Anyone who has the items able to answer this question?

Holyfire auradin you need to only max the synergy of the skills. no need to place any skills on holyfire aura. If i am not wrong it will not add up. same for using offensive skill charms to boost it. You just need to max out resist fire and salvation skills. Wearing a flickering flame with -15% to enemy fire resist and having infinity merc + sunder charms will help out a lot.

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I have just completed my season2 Aura pally, lvl 44 holy fire. HOJ, dual dragon. As stated only need to do synergy’s fire resist and salvation maxed 20 hard points. This build with fire sunder charm rocks everything in the game, nothing stands a chance, currently lvl 88.


I have made this too. My version is Hand of Justice in scepter with +3 to Holy Freeze, 2 x Dragon, Nightwing, Infinity with the merc.

In skills I went for 20 points to Holy Freeze, Resist Fire, Resist Cold, Salvation.

I would imagine yes, sunder charms could bring this to the next level, but I have to wait until the 2nd ladder ends to test that. :grin:

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I did a lot of testing and research, talked with MacroBioBoi and checked the theamazonbasin.

Each item casts an aura.
Only Items with the same aura type can increase their aura lvl.
Offensive Aura Charms won’t increase the Holy Fire, Shock or Freeze aura from casted auras from items.
Those auras won’t and won’t get overwritten by your aura.
Only hard points in synergies will buff Holy Fire, Shock or Freeze.

So you can get x2 Dragon and HoJ, you get 3x lvl44 Holy Fire Aura on you.
When you run a selfcast Lvl 30 or lvl 50 Holy Fire Aura, you run 4 Holy Fire Auras.

You get the highest puls damage with Dual Dream, self cast Holy Shock, and a 6os Phase Blade with 6x 5/5 Light Facets, you can exchange the Enigma with a 4os Armor with more 5/5 Light Facets.
The gameplay isn’t very enjoyable IMO, because your AOE radius is far smaller than that one from a Dragondin.