Holy Bolt doesn't damage Pit Lords in Uber Tristram

I played around with Holy Bolt in Uber Tristram and found that while the Holy Bolt projectiles from First of Heavens did damage to the Pit Lords as expected, the Holy Bolt skill itself doesn’t register damage (it passes through them as if they were not demon or Undead).

This is a significant bug as Holy Bolt is useful in cleaning up adds after defeating the Ubers.

Holy Bolt is magic damage and the Pit Lords in Uber Tristram are immune to Magic. The portion of the Paladin’s magic skills where the magic ignores immunity only applies to undead, and has done so thematically for every other skill, even if that skill also impacted non-undead monsters (Sanctuary for example gives damage against demons and undead, but it only allows the piercing of immunity against undead).

Sanctuary doesn’t give damage against demons, but you’re right on everything else.

oh ur right, i went to the AB to confirm before posting that, guess i didnt actually read the page lmao

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Not quite.

Thr Holy Bolt from FoH DOES damage the Pit Lord’s, but the Holy Bolt you cast yourself does not.

Either the Pit Lords should be immune to both or neither. I believe they are the only magic immune demon, but it would make thematic sense for them to be damaged by it same as undead with the update to FoH.