Holding shift on quick-cast/multi-key binding not working

Originally holding down shift+smite on my left mouse button would have me smite in place. However ever since I changed a few buttons to multi-key binding using shift+d or shift+mouse click, then the regular holding shift and pressing one of non multi binded keys does not allow me to smite in place.

Edit - I restarted the game and changed hotkeys to default and nothing is working I can’t shift smite in place. This is a critical bug

Had similar issue with multi-key binding.
Now having issue with not being able to click and walk, as if shift is being held down when not.

Also I noticed if you use quick cast and hold the keyboard key bind for smite, it will without having to hover over a monsters name just auto smite anything in the closest proximity. However vs players this doesn’t work and you have to hover the mouse over the character to get their name to show and then it smites. It’s a huge difference monster vs pvp. It SHOULD work on pvp as it’s working for monsters. Can someone please comment on this from blizzard? Multiple bugs with quick cast on regular game too