High Damage Fire Druid Players 8 Chaos Speedruns

Hey everyone, wanted to test -83 enemy negative fire resistance Fire Druid against players 8 chaos sanctuary to do speedruns. Fire Druid matches the Hammerdin clear speed in most cases, and it also has similar boss kill speed. Hope you will enjoy the vid.

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Comparable speed to hammerdin, with similar level of gear?

I would say hammerdin can operate better with more accessible gear (spirit+HOTO etc is more than enough to start dishing gg damage for Hammerdin). So that’s definitely an advantage. Fire Druid needs Phoenix to reach its max potential, which requies investment. However, at the end game level, in a scenario where both have GG gear, Fire Druid performance is pretty good, which is a welcome addition to the game imo.

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Bahahahahaha what a waste of video. Hammerdin will kill the mobs and nearly everything on screen, then diablo easier, safer and more efficiently. Why did you even compare?