Hey, PezRadar, don't hide and come out and talk

You guys don’t want to run this game at all, do you?
You guys seem to be trying to make us give up on our own, but it won’t be easy.
If we give up classical Diablo II, do you think we’ll go to Resurrected?

No, I will never do Diablo again because I have already experienced your incompetence.
The same goes for other users.

You can’t solve any problems here, will you be good at other games?
How do we trust you guys?

This is a game that is your history.
You are neglecting, let alone respect.

neglecting a problem
blocking criticism
User Deception

Are these the way you do it?

I’m surprised you guys are acting so exactly like China.
Will you block me and discipline me again?

The Asian standard server is broken now.
In other words, Battlenet doesn’t work.
Please face up to the problem and normalize it quickly.

If you don’t want to hear that you’re Chinese,
I hope you work properly.