Help with merc on firedin/tesladin

Hi, Im looking for some help building my tesladin/firedin/auradin. Right now I have dragon armor and HoJ, dual dream, and an act1 merc with faith, but I was wondering about some changes with other mercs, i.e.:

  1. Myself: tesladin with enigma and grief, act 3 fire merc: with HoJ, dual dragon and flickering flame (highest aura count for my merc, telep and high zeal damage for me)
  2. Myself: firedin with HoJ, dual dragon and flickering flame, act 3 light merc with ormus 15light, cresc moon, and dual dream (could it be fire merc just for enchant) (high fire damage aura for me, best dream gear for my merc (i really like more the idea of enigma and grief if im going tesladin myself), lose telep)
  3. Myself: auradin (as im right now), with act5 frenzy merc with one or dual plague for the % of lower resist, (could actually put a HoJ, dragon armor and flick flame on barb merc too)