Hell Tristram Area Level 85

Before Blizzard officially releases Patch 2.4, I would like to suggest to the developers to seriously consider changing Hell Tristram to Area Level 85. Tristram is such an nostalgic area within the Diablo universe, it deserves to be TC85. This change adds more incentive to farm Hell Tristram and find shiny loot from Griswold!

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This would be cool. Makes perfect sense too.

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Yeah, hope they consider this change before the official release of 2.4.

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C’mon Blizzard, make this change!

C’mon Blizzard, make this change! Thanks.

I would like to see this along with the tombs.

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You go into Tristram after Dark Wood, which is level 68. Tristram is a quest area.

And it is already 8 levels higher than that (76). It would be mad making it 85, going to be way too hard.

The one thing I wouldn’t mind is making stones a little easier to find. Maybe make them always on the side of a path or smth.

Optional though, you don’t need Cain

If you come from a perspective of a new player, it is naturally a next quest that is required for the story. You don’t get horadric malus or andariel quest until you do this quest. It is cain who tells you about andariel. My point is, it should be treated like a mandatory quest.

If you go in on your own blind into the game, you’re going to be absolutely brutalized by level 85 tristram at this stage (remember, there are archers, shamans, griswold that curses you, an extra fast goat clan is never fun…)

Natural playthrough immersion is something that must never be sacrificed.

lvl 85 would be fine for Trist…mobs got a slow attack speed(A1 fallen are way slower than A5 ones)…goats ain’t treatening much…archer would be a lil rough as well as shamans but should be no issue…lastly…Griswold would hurt yes but he moving slow enough that can kite everything away from him…or kite him away from everything else…most ppl dont even bother to full clear tristam to begin with…rush free cain and they escape right after

also to inform you…that is already a thing what you asked for…the stones are ALWAY next to the road in stony field…while not alway on screen they show on the map if you follow the road

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I completely agree about the natural playthrough immersion is something that must never be sacrificed, but I tend to agree with blood13666 that changing Hell Tristram to area level 85 would not result in any negative impacts and should be fine.

level 88 bosses\champions have 20% more base HP, 10% more damage and 10% more armor than level 79. This may not sound like a lot, but add the chance to hit formula on top (not only for fighters, but for casters too - chance to get hit).

And that is on top of this area already being 8 levels higher than the previous. I don’t think it’s worth it.

All that said, here’s another argument: there is no need for many level 85 areas. It is still beneficial to farm lower level areas. IMO level 85 areas should be sparse and should be hard.

Blizzard kinda went an OK way this time - because new level 85 areas are all hard and\or small (except stony tomb, which is a mistake in my opinion - it should be demoted to level 83 or 84 together with the pit and AT).