Have you ever purchased an item?

Just wondering if anyone actually buys items from online sellers for actual money here. Have you ever purchased items and if so what kind and why?


Do you sell items for money? Why do you do it? and how much do you make per hour if you calculate the costs?

personally i’ve never seen the need to buy items for diablo since you can play the same exact game single player and can obtain any item you want with trainers (in the past not sure now?)

Never purchased an item and never sold an item for real money and I played this game when it released 21 years ago as well.

I enciybtered stupid duper games where the ground was filled with SOJ, I did trade for an ITH weapon once (I leave you search for it if interested) and made a stupidly powerful whirlwind barb with it…

So amny adventures and it only cost me the price of the base game.

I’ve always self found items. I’ve never used d2jsp or any similar forums. I used to have a group of friends that we had a collective loot pool everyone shared. I don’t know of any of them on right now.

yeah… not seeing a lot of people who buy items.

looks like most folk are not interested

I sold an entire World of Warcraft account once, does that count? Lol

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I’ve never done either.

If someone needs something I have, I simply give it away. If they offer something I might need I’ll take it.

But I’ve never seen much of a point in rmt.

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I don’t buy things from big games like D2 or a Blizz game. I’ll buy more content, in StarCraft 2 I have bought more Co-op commanders. In indie games where they are basically free to play with micro’s I’ll spend some money to buy ‘stuff’. I won’t buy an ‘Item’ per say but I’ll buy permanent stuff.

I won’t play a game that’s pay to win. I can accept the ‘pay to speed up’ model where I can achieve the same thing through playing as I can through the cash shop.

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