Has anyone tried dual hustle whirlwinding?

I ignored this new runeword when it was released.

But today i looked at it again, and it seems to me like it could be the best starter setup. Just 2 Ko runes, and massive attack speed with fanaticism and burst of speed - you can make these in the slowest bases with the highest damage (Battle Hammer!!!) and still hit 12.5 times per second with whirlwind.

This runeword in the Battle Hammer deals 105-174 damage. At level 39 with that attack speed it is just insane. I would guestimate the DPS to be way over 10k before chance to hit\block (140 average damage * skill\stat multiplier should be around +500% * 12.5 hits per second * 1.3 critical strike from mastery). And even more VS undead.

The only “downside” is that you’ll have to double swing a lil bit to proc the BoS.

So you are basically stacking level 1 BOS wiyh level2 fanatacism. You should use one hustle and one of something else. Lots of good choices. But it would be a workable setup for nightmare until you get something better.