Guys, it's on purpose

Remind me who wrote the server software ……

Lazy dev then. They have one job……

No one demand them to keep the same code.

No one demand them to be one to one include all the unfixed bugs.

Either they are lazy or too incompetent to update the codes.

Do they attempt to guess the number of servers needed for launch and fail sometimes?


Do they purposely undershoot what they think they’ll need so they can create a 4 week S*(@storm on the forums?

Doubt it.


They sold the game via their own store. You cannot but physical copy of the game on PC.

How can they not know how much capacity!


so what was the point of the beta… server test or talk about a MAMazon?

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You might get a better understanding on how the mistake was made.

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You select secret option #4.

You purchase the amount you project you’ll need long term, and you rent/lease the extra to help with higher load/demand short term.

That’s how a normal company would operate.

Blizzard on the other hand, likes to try to sell you mounts that cost $25. In a game that costs $40.

It’s BEYOND obvious at this point.


For profit, they hire the third party to construct the serve. For product, one time payout can’t make more money for further development. D2R should be like this. It makes sense. D2R is like a tool to enrich the game funs for D4.

the dev post is a bunch of crap any way they have betas to test this stuff and its coming up on a month not day 2 of launch


Look what you dont get is that this is a several dollar company.

this game only came out September 23 it hasnt even been a month yet… GIVE IT TIME LOLOLOLOLOL


This company would rather pretend that “problems arise” than admit they don’t want to spend the extra money.

It’s always the same carefully scripted PR lawyer speak nonsense BS.

If they were being honest, they would release their metrics for sales/users/logons etc etc. But there’s no way in hell they will do that because then we would know how much money they actually made, and then have zero excuses.


8.09 billion U.S. dollars

In 2020, Activision Blizzard’s annual revenue amounted to 8.09 billion U.S. dollars. Activision Blizzard publishes games such as Call of Duty, Guitar Hero, StarCraft and World of Warcraft.

I’m not referring to company-wide.

They are a publicly traded company, of course they must release company sales.

I’m talking about metrics on a game by game basis.

Remember how they decided they did not want to disclose WOW subscribers anymore? Because they didn’t want shareholders/players seeing the declining player base.

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It does make sense because the majority of players wont ask for a refund, those who do will get a no, and the minority of the minority will ask again, they profit anyway. While i do no like to afirm things like this because it souns like conspiracy, one thing is for sure. Theres no way they didnt knew the amount of players that bought the game, the server load, and most important of all, the play patterns.


I find it weird that I could seemingly do certain jobs of theirs far better than they do (even without industry experience). But maybe not…maybe it’s not that they can’t do a better job, but that they’re not allowed to. Which is truly sad.

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from what ive gathered its the worldwide DB that had/has issues. servers took americas peak wonderfully.

i usually think just like you for that kind of stuff but theyve been pretty transparent and it all makes sense.

They would of based it off preorders, I didn’t buy the game till 1 week before release.
That said if it is a problem solvable with more servers… Those servers require time to setup and add to the infrastructure Im sure if they believe that’s the problem they have already ordered more wether they are hosting them in house or have it contracted to a 3rd party this isn’t something that can be scaled up substantially on the fly.

You are 100% correct. Also this is not the developers fault this is the fault of corporate. They are clearly just waiting for the population to level off instead of investing the money to give customers a proper experience.


Exactly, they already have your money. They know gamers are some of the most impatient people on earth.

If they ALREADY have people’s money, what incentive do they have to rush to fix anything?

They already have the friggin money. They will take their sweet time. Pretend they didn’t know what was going to happen. Deny peoples’ refunds. And dangle a carrot in front of the rest of us.

When you’ve been involved with Blizzard for a decade or longer, the patterns become very apparent.

People really think they don’t have all the information/data/metrics/analytics they need to make informed choices? Give me a break, everyone stop being so naive.


Maybe take some ginseng, why would anyone purchase excess (outside of safety margins)?
You would need to have the capacity to support the current demand. And the current demand is almost always higher the closer to release. Its not bad business to understand that the demands of your clients (as a group) have trends.

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