Guarantee hit on Normal attack?

If I have a charge from a charge skill and I use a Normal attack to release it, will this attack always hit? Or is it only specific to Finishing moves in the assassin tree?


Only for finishing move. Basic attack isnt considered a “finisher”.

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It releases charges tho, that’s why I asked.

It does not, because the “guarantee hit” is tied to finisher moves, normal attack is not considered finisher moves

Normal Attack is considered a Finishing Move. When you mouse over top of it, in game with an assassin, it says “finishing move” on it and it does spend charges when used.

I think it should also benefit from the always hits mechanic. IMO, It wouldn’t be to overpowered early game, and I think Normal Attack is actually a solid finisher for certain skills, namely phoenix strike.

Now if only we could charge up those martial art charges by swinging at the air with no target…