Give the old folks a chance

People who bought this game Knew there would be a ladder, and if these people are real D2 players, they should of realised that having all rw available on release, that there would be ladder only rw’s too.
I knew this, and so did many of my friends who have been playing since 2001.
Stop crying, get over it. Play the game and have fun.

I’m 37, been playing the Diablo franchise since D1, and playing D2 since the first day of release, and I am beyond excited for the changes.

First off, I could argue all day about how broken the game is. It honestly just isn’t balanced at all, and it has been insanely buggy for decades. It took a damn remake to finally fix the charge bug for god’s sake. However, rather than arguing for the changes and illustrating how good they can potentially be, I’m going to sum it up by simply saying this:

They clearly stated they were going to make changes and balance the game, after they released a version that was nothing more than QoL improvements. You were the one who chose to buy the game anyway. Further, all you need to do is refrain from patching the game, and you have your version of the original intact.

So rather than trying to force your beliefs on everyone else and thinking we need to suffer through the old, stale meta and grind 1000’s of hours of the same old runewords, just because you want to, maybe you can just continue to play this version of D2R, and allow us to play future versions?

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Well, that’s what the majority want and we are grateful for the changes we are getting… You can always go back to Diablo II 2000 if you want all same stale boring gameplay.

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The D2 LOD I remember was not stuck frozen in time but filled with changes over time. I mean why would new ladder runewords being brought back harm someone’s gameplay outside a tiny bit in PVP? Not like the content is hard as it is, it is not getting harder that I can see either outside no more rushing past act 3.

New runewords will be made available after season ladder end, as clarified in the Twitch live stream.

You do not need to partcipate in ladder to play the game.

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d2 and d2lod didn’t stay the same after launch either, why would you expect a remaster of a live service game not to be a live service game? Especially after they stated before launch it would be a live service game and you say you only bought it 2 weeks ago which is well after they posted that a ptr with balance changes was coming?

2.3 blog from nov 18

In the coming weeks, Diablo II: Resurrected will be launching its first ever Public Test Realm (PTR)—a special realm where we can test balance, bug fixes, and other enhancements we make to the game. We invite all of you to participate, as you’ll have an opportunity to play a crucial role in testing features and evolving the experience for all players. When we get closer, we’ll share more details on how you can gain access to the PTR and trial these changes.

The primary focus of that PTR will be revolved around fixing database issues and stabilizing our online environment. Once we are confident these fixes are in a good place, we’ll share more details on Ladder rank play and even more new changes coming to Diablo II: Resurrected.

not sure why you bought a live service online multiplayer game if you don’t want to do this… seems counter intuitive.

Interesting theory. I disagree.

Haha…. Wow you sure sound like a teenager for posting that you “feel scammed” by Blizzard. Are you kidding? It’s a game that gives you freedom to play the way you want to. You can choose to play private games and bash fallens with your fists if you choose to.

You can always wait four months till the ladder season ends then the previous ladder only rune words along with anything else that might be ladder only will be non ladder and single player.

What you don’t like the idea of other builds being made viable that are not viable for endgame. I wouldn’t mind seeing more builds that would be viable. As long as it doesn’t mean that all builds would have to be good at farming, doing ubers, etc… Which mean that they have nothing that they are not good at doing.

The only changes they are proposing are ones that will improve what D2R is with more viable builds and mercs that will be more useful. Instead of always grabbing act 2 merc you will have reasons to have the other three instead.

None of the changes is more aggressive than 1.08, 1.09, 1.10.

If the propose changes are bad, then we have case, but what I see here is the fear of change, fear of learning ,finding new things.

It’s a legitimate fear, but the solution is NOT to ask for no change but to overcome the fear.

I really feel you. I love D2 so much BECAUSE of the fact there arent these constant changes and things I achieve a permanent.

(and not changed for some “balancing” reasons or other “creative” stuff)

They say they will buff some of the best skills in the game

Bone spear, trap buff, and druid summon buff will hopefully cancel each other out.

Foh pallys are already a bm class used to harass public duel games so that buff will suck.

No you wont. New rune words are ladder only

Balance passes are great, it suggests people are still interested and, since they open up builds not really viable before, gives new life to playing the game. I’m all for that.

Runewords in Ladder only? No thank you. I bought the remaster largely because of the much-touted ability to make former “ladder” runewords in my own, casual time.

Ladder will harm this game for me. That’s very sad. Let everyone have the runewords, not just tryhard ladder players with lots of time.

Ladder rune words will be available after season end. In old D2, you cannot make ladder runewords at all in non ladder.

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This thread is so stupid. It’s just people being contrarian because no matter what was done they would be contradicted in the same way.
If D2 had continued to be updated in these 20 years these changes would be unavoidable for the game to continue to be relevant. They are improving things that are now QoLs. I still hope to see item stacking and the ridiculous size of the character’s inventory improve.
ALL ARPG games have large inventory because after all the objective of the game is to hunt (errr collect) items, there is no point in having a tiny inventory. Such changes do not change the game at all and only make it more enjoyable.

I think in the same way and I am a old player. Can’t understand people bashing improvements on the game.

I said after ladder ends. They’re even going one step further and letting NL actually make those previous runewords also.

I didn’t see that they had changed that. Not sure I like it. Everything seems to be going into d3 area tbh. Making the game for casuals. I struggle these days since im not a hardcore gamer anymore but I enjoy playing hardcore gamer games.

There were multiple patches that drastically changed the way D2 was played. Changes are part of Diablo 2.

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