Give a credit when it is due to DEVs - Thank you!

We all know that it is impossible to please everyone, but the final patch notes are absolutely amazing and fixed 90% of the PTR issues!

  1. Hustle - buffing the armor and tweaking the weapon to NOT be only a pre-buff item is just lovely! Both are actually amazing options mid-end game for many builds!
  2. The slight change on the 2 helms is what everyone was hoping for, amazing!
  3. Mosaic and overall changes to Assassin → I love that! Buffing the least played build and making it even slightly OP is amazing! This will make actually the boomers who play only sors, pala and amazon to try and learn other mechanics as well!
    The other changes as well as fixing the Strafe issue, nerfing a bit the cold mastery…nice!
    It is relieve to see that the DEVs actually took the feedback of the MAJORITY of the community and gave us those final patch notes!
    It is definitely a step in the right direction and I hope that they will continue to listen to the community!
    This is what will make this game being played even after D4 hype is over!
    D2R devs actually gave me a bit hope that Blizzard may actually change and become what was supposed to be!

Agreed on the Hustle weapon and Cure and the cold helm. (I’m cautiously optimistic on the Hustle armor but waiting to see if they really meant “any armor item” or if they actually just meant body armor.)

Hard disagree on 3 though. They should have actually fixed baseline martial arts skills. Making Mosaic the “fix” actually makes fixing those skills harder in the long run. Diablo 3 tried balancing skills through items (instead of starting with skill balance and letting items just exist on top of that). That led to things like 75,000% buffs.

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Yeah it seems it’s a good patch, not owerflowed with brand new features but focused on polishing stuff and squashing bugs, Also happy to know I can have a chance of getting a sunder or finally upgrading certain set items i had i the cube like hsarus belt and boots for a sin or that cannot be frozen sash to have +12 slots instead of only +4.

Yes they deserve a patting on shoulder from their superiors, saying: good job, at the least…

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We all know that it is impossible to please everyone

The slight change on the 2 helms is what everyone was hoping for

Dear Grandma, your cookies are half-baked; as well as the rws.
The only interesting one was the 9 burst of speed.

It’s just because most people do not care, but a few wanna-be forum junkies rule the new content. For me it’s premiere too, I just saw the the promised changelog: what the heck is going on. You just made it with your “last minute changes” to completely destroy an already bad content.

But it’s not the fault of the DEVs. :wink: