Game queue 150 in EU Ladder

Hi, while in NL there are no queues and everything is fine, we are having troubles in EU Ladder.
Game creation is a joke right now. What’s going on?

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Only East server seems to be fine, tested all, Plays US West hcl ques on west start at 500 go down to about 330 and never go any lower, so no game have been up now for about 2-3 days on west


Same issue here…
And meanwhile those crap bots keep on running,
while regular people can’t even play the game…

How hard can it be to ban those bots every 4-8 weeks or so?
Keeps the servers clean and fun.

are you sure the bots can create games without queue? That would be very weird.

Hope they fix it soon

Nah they probably make them anyway and simply wait out the queue.
But since they are bots, “they” don’t care about a queue, cause they got all the time in the world. While some of us like to play some Diablo II after a days work.
Unfortunately Blizzard doesn’t seem to care on bit about bots, or regular players…

It is a 20+ year old game; I actually think it is fair for Blizz to not care. Any other company would have pulled the plug on those server years ago.

I hope you are joking right now. You can’t just not care without at least announcing the shut down of a service. Also why would it only be a problem in ladder and not in non ladder?

Correct, makes no sense. Don’t listen to that random. People have been actively playing it for the past 20 years. Not everybody has the money, or wants to spent $60-$100 for every new crap game that comes out. Diablo II is like listening to classical music. I’m not into contemporary pop…

They are still selling copies of the game. Bought mine just recently…

Still have the same problem here. Sometimes it’s easier with a 20-30 line and someother times the number can reach 220. And also bought a copy recently, at least an announcment could bring some light to that poblem.

Yea, please address this issue. It’s only possile to make 2-3 games per hour. I get between 60-150 at any given time of day, more during the weekend.


On NL everything seems to be fine.

same here.

Can we at least know what’s going on? I guess there are more games on ladder than on nonladder, but will this stay this way or are you going to fix it?

Seems to be fixed now, without any explanation… Typical…

Current status

Your position in line is : 259132

You still having trouble creating games on EU?

Could not test today, yesterday seemed fine

The European server is a mess, too.

The Asia standard server was broken thanks to bug users.
I’ve been requesting bug fixes for three years, but there’s no feedback.
Blizzard is not interested in us