Game keeps crashing. How do I play?

I’ve been trying to play D2R solo. I downloaded and installed with no issues, played the cinematic with no issues, created and began playing a new character on solo. After about 45 minutes, my game crashed. I didn’t get an error message or anything, it just dropped me to the desktop. I have tried everything that I could find on these forums and even everything that Blizzard tech support sent me in an email.
I have uninstalled and reinstalled. Ran as an administrator. Scanned and repaired game. My graphics drivers are all updated. I have no background applications running like Discord or Steam. I have lowered all the in game graphics so much that it just looks terrible. And my laptop can run WoW with no issues so its not overheating. I went in and deleted the .json file that someone else mentioned on a thread. Deleted the cookies for the game as well.
My laptop is brand new since last Christmas and I don’t feel that I have to defrag or reset because I really don’t use it very often.
I was able to play up to level 7. Now, I log in and load the character, even use a WP. Sometimes it will run for 5 minutes but mostly it drops within 30 seconds of using the WP.

Same here. I can’t play any of my toons. Time to upgrade to D4? lol

Blizzard doesn’t care. Independent developers support their games even older than D2R better than Blizzard.

same here. d3 dI wow hearthstone all run fine then theres this that we just got that wont run longer than 2-3 minutes before closing without any notificationl.