For all the extra expanded stash people

For something that does not impact the gameplay being so hardily defended by the old guard so much, D2:R will not retain a lot of player beyond Xmas. Only bots and pro-JSPers will remain. Perhaps this is what they want, to keep their economic schemes intact?

I really find it dumb that whenever I find a duplicate of a unique with a roll bracket, I have to first find it on the proper mule, compare say it’s ED%, then trash the lower version and swap it to the mule, which leads to 2-4 game creations. With Plugy being the norm for most players/streamers that were holy grailing for 20 years, I was expecting muling not only to be obsolete, but a way to give gold some value outside of gambling where you could unlock additional tabs for gold (1M, 2M, 3M, 4M, etc.). No need to increase the max gold any character could hold, just make it a progress bar like experience where you buy % of a new tab whenever you have a bit a gold leftover. No more room? No problem, just farm Travincal for a few hours, like people who gamble do.

Or just give 100 pages, whatever. Muling is really archaic.


OK, so the players have nothing to do with the instability of the servers and the queue and buffer was introduced solely as punishment? Can you clarify your argument?

The players have no responsibility for the release of an unfinished product, and asking them to adapt their playstyle to it is not fair.

Its like saying ‘’ hey, the snakes in the temple of nihatlak ( whatever it is spelled ) are one shotting one, so just don’t go there. Or, itens in stash are disappearing because the game can’t handle the load, so just get less gear. All of these things should have been fixed before the release.

And what i meant before was that weeks ago people were speculating that the reason the servers were crashing was because itens dupers and they take servers down to clone itens. That has been proven false, the servers go down because they are not good enough.


Note that this is less space than legacy since legacy did not impose a limit to the free accounts you could create and access with a single CD key, so you could make as many mule accounts as you wanted.

So the newer game actually restricts space more than legacy but we’re still stuck with the annoying mule mechanic. The enlarged stash and shared tabs are definitely nice, but it’s sort of a “1 step forward, 2 steps backward” situation currently.


Total storage overall is nerfed compared to legacy.

Yes, there was no shared stash, but unlimited character slots meant you had unlimited stash in effect - albeit through mules.

D2R has negated the need to create mule games to transfer goods by opening up a few shared pages, but at a 3 shared and one personal tab rate - You are now limited to maximum 23 total pages of stash space.

D2R is an upgrade on QoL but a downgrade on functionality - Unlimited stash space in legacy vs 23 in D2R


I think I understand the confusion. Here is a link to the statement that blizzard put out as to why the servers are unreliable. Anything else you might see online is pretty likely incorrect. Whether or not you believe Blizzard is making this up completely is up to you. This is what they put out, and this is what I am going by because this is all I have to go by. People speculating online is not something I would suggest you pay any attention to.

To be fair this mostly affects people in the trading community as apart from the normal player that logs in every so often for the Lulz…

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I agree with that second paragraph, but that first paragraph is a hot take (also I don’t know what a pro JSP-er means). I don’t think they care whether they maintain a playerbase or not, I mean we already paid for the game right? :rofl:

I would be perfectly OK if we had 15, 30, 200 stash tabs per character, I am just saying that it doesn’t break the game if we don’t have them because if I still want more room, I can make a character and throw them in his inventory/stash. Do I think that is the best solution? Nope. Do I think that the game is broken because I have to do that? Also nope. It worked in legacy and it still works now.

But muling doesn’t really work now, because of the 20 character limit. Remember – in legacy, we could make an infinite number of characters to either play or use as mules.

20 is nowhere near enough.


I understand that character slots are limited to 20, and that is something to consider. However, how many builds do people make? 3, 4, 10? You still have the complement of 20 mules remaining, that should be enough room. Remember that every character you make doesn’t need 6 mules, the mules are per account regardless of what character you find the loot on.

I guess people will have to budget their remaining space. So if that’s something that is out of the question and you completely disagree or don’t want to get rid of anything green or tan, then there are private servers people can play with these kind of mods. That’s just how the game was designed.

The game was also designed without 20 char limit and with mod support and tcp/ip for people who found muling annoying. None of which is in the remaster.

Also, private servers, if there are any, are illegal by their nature. What are you even saying? Was the game designed to be pirated too?


Fair points.

The cap was not in the original game true. But I am under the assumption that when the game was designed, mules were not a thing that the developers wanted to implement. However they did make way more sets and uniques than a single character can hold in a stash and no way to transfer without dropping items on the ground and rejoining a game. So I would say that the Mule thing was a player construct. If I am dead wrong, and you can provide evidence of that, please show me. If not, I will assume that the designers of the game didnt expect people to make mules, offer no mention of it, and hope that the players figure it out.

I didn’t know the game had mod support, news to me. tcp/ip is not really mod support if that is what you are referring to.

The game was most definitely not designed to be pirated, got me there.

Each of the 7 classes has 3 skill trees so if we make a character for each skill specialization (there are actually many more possible builds of course) that would already put us over the limit. Now consider it’s 20 character slots to share between hardcore, softcore, online, and offline. There’s nowhere near enough character slots and nowhere near enough stash space.


That is true, and even further, characters that invest in the same skill tree and can configure their builds differently by investing points in different skills. So more than just 21 different builds are possible, and that is part of what makes D2 so great.

I don’t think the majority of players will make that many characters but it’s definitely possible so fair argument.

EDIT: typo

It’s true the majority aren’t going to being making that many builds but I think an average player might have one of each class with some possible repeat classes in HC and across SP/MP. Either way the game should have no less than what D2 allowed us to have imo. The most popular D2 mod allowed for infinite stash space in single player and this no longer works in D2R. For whatever reason they killed the ability to alter the game in this way despite saying mods would be allowed during development.


So why have extra characters that store items and aren’t played…that seems nuts to you…But keeping stashes of items YOU WONT USE is somehow not identical in concept…

If you need more stash space…I recommend buying a second account :joy:

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I agree, the cap is completely bogus. My original thread was about an expanded stash however, and not the cap directly. The cap is not something that I agree with but also something that I have yet to hit; I suspect I will in the future.

What I mean is, the original game had mod support, so you could install plugy or any mod of your choosing and play with friends via tcp/ip the said mod so space wasn’t an issue for many people. This isn’t supported in the remaster and additionally they limit your character count, so I can’t really blame people for asking for more space.

Regarding muling - yes probably player construct, but let me ask you this instead:
The game was designed with trade in mind, right? How did the developers envisioned trading? Only going off the limited space of one char’s inventory? No muling ever crossed their minds?
You probably don’t have answer as I don’t in regards to mule origins, so we can just leave it at that.

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ah okay, so what you mean is that mods were possible in legacy; yes they definitely were. When you say mod support I think of the developers actively supporting mod creation or implementation with a feature such as the Workshop in Overwatch or XCOM2 for example. Yeah I am pretty sure the developers of D2 supported mods as much as they support privated servers, which is to say not very much.

Ok, “allowed use of mods and tcp/ip” if “support” is confusing or not clear in the context.

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