Fix the Refresh button!

For the love of god Blizzard, actually show that you give a crap about your player base. The refresh function doesn’t work…plain and simple. You click it and you get the same games returned 90% of the time!! Are you trying to tell me there are only 20 normal games being played in my region? Let alone that there is for example…no baal runs games? The part i love the most is that i use the button and then cant use it for 15 seconds…then when i can refresh its still the exact same games.

Maybe you should show respect for the people who paid you 60$ for this game are have a barely functioning play experience. Like should i really have to spend 20 minutes to find a game?

Fix this or i suspect you will notice a significant decrease in your player base.


I run into the same issue.

I’d like them to be able add in a way to allow gamers to categorize their games into trades, runs, or questing and allow us to search based on this as well. Also make it easier to copy game names easier. Or have it remember the previous game… something…


Just a suggestion for your copy issue, i usually just enter the game and in chat type the next game name (dont send it) and just copy and paste it when you exit. Also if you type it once then the next time you just have to adjust the number.

This is specially terrible here in latin america, where the player’s base is considerably lower. I just refresh and refresh and the same games always shows up. Very hard to get baal, trist and tomb runs at somedays. Worse, we are not able to change the region to north america, app just separates Americas, Eu and Asia, but we only able to see games created in latin america.

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