Fix the bug problem or shut down the service

The issue is about the classic Diablo 2 Asian Battlenet server.
It is not known whether the same problem is occurring in other regional battle nets.

However, on current Asian servers,
It is impossible to play Battlenet due to bugs 2 to 3 times an hour.
Your developer may already be aware of this issue. Many users have constantly pointed out problems and asked for patches, but you guys are ignoring them.
Let me explain the problem again. Please read it and fix the bug.

  • If a malicious user upgrades the old version of rare items (boots) to the Horadrick Cube combination method,
    All users who were playing on the same IP on the BattleNet are disconnected.
  • The character cannot play BattleNet for 15 to 20 minutes.
  • All the data you played before you lost the connection will be lost. (Experience, items, quests, everything)
  • I’d rather it disappear if I upgrade the old version of the item as before disappear.
  • Even at this moment of writing, someone used a bug. I’m disconnected from BattleNet.

Many users now wonder if there is a developer in charge of Classic Diablo 2.
We’ve been neglecting the bugs in question for over a year, so we’ve come to believe there’s no one in charge.

If bugs continue to be left unattended like this, I think Classic Diablo 2 should rather end the service.

I agree too… That problem still remains…

Please take care of this situation.