Fix Mephisto Bug

With a big push to fix bugs in Patch 2.5, I strongly urge the developers can fix the moat bug for Mephisto, the Lord of Hatred. We should not be able to kill a prime evil with impunity with any ranged attacks.

To reproduce the bug, you simply stand on one side of the moat with Mephisto just offscreen while you pummel him with spells and ranged attacks and he just sits and dies.

To Fix Mephisto

  • Flying and not impeded by obstacles. With this change, ensure loot will be dropped to nearest platform area

This will enrage majority of the community.

Sounds like you play melee only

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Good, time for them to fix Mephisto.

I agree it’s kind of dumb, but sometimes that’s the charm of these games. I mean there are bots and the market gets inflated so fast anyway. It’s just a way for people who want to do a boring MF grind, to be able to do so. And you still have to walk/tele Durance. So not exactly a “set it and forget it” cheese. If you aren’t ranged, and don’t have tele, I agree it can be more of a grind to get good mid-late game gear. However, I enjoy the grind, and MFing rando level 85 areas. At least they gave us those, and you can find even better gear there anyway, just more of a lottery ticket than a scratch-off.