Fire Druid questions

Making a fire Druid (fissure/Armageddon) and i was wondering which of these options is better:

  1. For Merc, insight or infinity?
  2. flickering flame or ravenlore? Is it better to use the flickering flame on merc for the resist fire aura and use the ravenlore on myself?

So I think infinity is probably better unless your super mana starved. And I think flickering flame might be better on your self if you can find a good base for it with +3 to armageddon and +3 to fissure cause that +3 to fire skills with the runeword but not 100% sure


I have now played 2 x 99 druids using fire elemental builds.

  1. Mercenary: Infinity
  2. Flickering flame pelt with + skill
    If you use ravenlore and flickering flame on merc, you need CoH as merc armor to have some LL keep him alive.
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Infinity on merc is a good choice.
Other than that can use metalgrid amulet and summon an insight metal golem.
If not you can try my build here using act 5 merc. Act 5 merc survive well, especially with plague its very good.
For reference

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