Fire auradin backup skill

I notices the backup skill suggested for a fire auradin is zeal but why not another elemental aura since salvation is already maxed?
The best combo might be with lightning since fire+cold immunes are more common than fire+lightning.

Zeal is not a back up skill. It’s your main skill as a fire auradin.

Actually your main attack is your Aura and what you kill 99% of everything with. What you don’t kill with your Aura your back up skill does. “Zeal” Hence Auradin :slight_smile:

When I play an Auradin I hate when I have to use combat abilities. A true Auradin kills with only their Aura.

Zeal works and fast attack also can be boosted with right set up. Vengeance also is great since you don’t need to attack with combat much only for what your Aura doesn’t kill.

I’ve thought of mixing in Dream or Holy Shock to have multiple Aura’s killing might be fun for a true Auradin.

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