Fellow druids, we've been attacked

Here we are almost to the release of patch 2.6, and it looks like we must have made some developer mad or something. Why, seriously why, nerf druids again and again?!

My hope is, they have some big ideas or changes in the works for druids. Thanks to many players, there has been excellent feedback and ideas for how to improve druid and get it truly a top tier class.

As to why in the burning hells they did the shockwave nerf BEFORE the new changes is beyond me. To the devs that may or maynot read this, PLEASE HURRY and release whatever “balances or changes” you DID intend. As it stands, it’s like you started a surgery and already amputated before having everything ready. Druids are literally bleeding out from the nerfs before you can install whatever new things you have in mind.

To my fellow druid players, I feel your pain so far going into new season and will be right here fighting to make it right with you!