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poison creeper is the strongest leveling ability in the entire game. makes me laugh when i see a druid leveling with anything else.

but yah it should be like raven and untargetable, it’s mostly a utility and if they want to give it hitpoints then damnit, give it some hitpoints because it’s one shot by anything it’s so dumb.

The tendrils should be improved anyway. Whereas I would swap the HP Leecher and Mana Leecher tendril for something useful, which helps the animals all and buffs the poison tendril and the ravens especially.

The Summoner Druid is actually a good idea, but the implementation is still a bit poor. It would be just as good if you could call the ravens all at once. Also, it would make sense to give the summoner a 2nd spell, for one of the tendrils for example, with which he can cast anything. Either a mixture of damage and servant buff in one, or another temporary servant call, like a ghostly big golden eagle e.g. that flies attacks, or a fire phoenix that rushes into the mobs as a kind of kamikaze bomber and causes fire damage, but doesn’t start from the druid himself, but races from the sky, spits fireballs for a while 6x every 1 second and at the end throws itself into the enemies as a final blow so to speak.

It would be important that these servants benefit from all the buffs and at least strengthen ravens and the spirits when skilled.

Also, the thorn spirit is also an option to replace it with something more useful, or passive.

The Summoner’s Hum is not far away from becoming a very fun and cool character, if you only exchange a few things sensibly and strengthen the rest accordingly.

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just spit ballin here, but it’d be cool if the creepers were invulnerable, and added elemental damage to, and converted a percentage of, all summons attacks. Similar to Fire Arrow, Cold Arrow, Magic Arrow.

poison creeper
adds X poison damage
converts x% all summon damage to poison

Carrion Vine
adds X cold damage
converts x% all summon damage to cold

Solar creeper
adds X fire damage
converts x% all summon damage to fire

let’s say lvl 20 is 100% converted, so if you max all 3 vines it would work similar to Vengeance and all summon physical damage would convert to 300% elemental damage.

i always have the best ideas, blizzard should be paying me for these.