Enigma and the drud

good morning everyone. I think this feedback is due:
Enigma: Teleportation is usable on ALL builds except shapeshifter(s). This is not honest, nor is it fair. It greatly penalizes the druid (shape-shifter) who cannot defend himself if he uses Enigma’s teleportation. Enigma is already an armor that doesn’t make any sense, it should be cancelled. I mean: ok that pretty much all runewords assign skills of other classes; but the TELEPORT? First of all it is a completely emblematic skill of the enchantress, and then, even if it were “ok we put it in a runeword without even the charges”, ok, fine, but then it must also be made available for the shapeshifting druid, so that ALL the builds of ALL the CLASSES can benefit from it. I think the druid class is heavily penalized by this fact. My opinion.
Ad maiora.


I couldn’t agree more but I doubt they will change it. Leveling to ninety nine I saw one other bear. Less than ten wolves. It would be more honest to just pull the tab and tell people to play their hammerdin and be happy.

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I hope that ‘Feral Rage’ is maintained at least when ‘Fury’ is used.

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I wish feral rage’s max stacks were lowered so you could get max life steal in 3 hits instead of 14 or 16 or w/e it is

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I’m a true old shapeshift player and i wouldn’t like to see teleport usable while shaped. IMO the solving thing should be a drastic increase of % fast/run walk working like an individual vigor aura while in wolf form for exemple. Another thing would be to allow shaped druid to cast battle command and battle order.

However, the shapeshifter will always be at a disadvantage over all other builds of the other classes if he cannot use Enigma’s teleportation; people will teleport all over the map and when we get to Baal Baal will already be dead, less exp, less items, less runes…