Dual dream zealot help

Hi, Im looking for some tips or advices for my dual dream paladin. Im running with conviction and faith act 1 merc. For my skill tree Ive maxed sacrefice, conviction(enought to reaching -150 res), salvation, resist lightning, 1 zeal and rest in holy shield.

For gear I use:

Helm: Dream bone visage
Shield: Dream Vortex shield(45 all res base
Weapon: sup pb Grief
Armor: Enigma
Gloves : LoH
Boots: Gore Rider
Belt: Thundergods Vigor ( sounds to me like best choice for pvm clearing Baal runs)
Rings: dual leech and Raven Frost
Amulet: Highlords wrath

And of course CtA/spirit

Idventory: Torch, Anni, Gc (life/ar/max dmg) and ar/fhr/max dmg same for sc and some 5 all res sc to reach max all resistences.

86 fhr/max all res/80ias

Looking for some tips. Can I get any better with this build? Some change to boost my pally? Is ac1 merc with faith best choice? Thanks for advices

I think your setup is solid, you can change a few things which you like more or less.

Just 2 setups i shared in a different forum post.

I personally would exchange the Thundergods with Arach, Ring with dual leach 10FCR and a +2 Pala 18FCR.
The Gloves, you can get 20 IAS Blood gloves, perhaps with some res and/or high crushing blow.

When my DualDream guy is wearing Enigma, he wears a Mara’s to get the resistances.
Only time he wears Highlords is if it’s going to get really ugly, then he also wears Fortitude.
I prefer String of Ears (8/15/15), but keep TGods on hand in case lightening attacks become a threat.
I ditched my Vortex for a Sacred, and like the increased vitality it allowed.
Since Tesladin is essentially a Zealot that deals lightening… I found points in Zeal pays off.
I have 1 point in Cleansing, Redemption and Vigor… some would say it’s wasted points but they all come in handy if you are playing the entire game.

I’ve played around with Schaefer’s Hammer, Stormlash and Cresent Moon. They are all cool in thier own way. I guess I don’t like the unpredictability of things that have chance to proc… and none of them hit like a grief.
I like a decent/well rolled Grief better… I play him like a Zealot, the pulse damage is just icing on the cake, so, to handcuff the Zeal side was not “fun” - for me.

I’ve tried Hand of Justice and Dragon… lack of resistances and defense, along with spreading out points for synergies made him weaker than Tesladin with Grief and also a health pot addict sitting duck in Chaos and World Stone Keep… and anywhere you are facing lightening/fire damage.

Not sure if Act1 merc is the best, but, I love the Act1 merc and run her with Faith, 15/40’d GFace and eth Forti. No complaints.

I have no dedicated FCR gear, and he tele’s fast enough to not get hit while doing so. I’m sure he could be faster but I don’t play zoom-zoom style so it’s not important to me.

For Ubers I have additional ST Dream Shield on swap along with LastWish. Grief mobs, LastWish Boss’s.
I do not use CTA or Spirit. Not found I need it on P1, and only play with friends these days, and there is always a barb in the group doubling all our life.

Hope that helps.