Dual Dream with Schaefer's hammer

Recently saw saw Schaefer’s Hammer Legendary Mallet mentioned… and the 20%ctc level 10 static field on striking…
I wondered how that would work on dual dream, and was able to trade for one last night in game. Got a 119ED one, so, middle of the road.
Had to respec my guy for the strength requirement… did it in a hurry, with some beverages in me, so, hope I didn’t goof that up… will check tonight. Only have 1 token left, so I guess it’s time to farm those again.
Played around with it a little last night in P3 and P4 games…
Verdict is still out.
Anyone else tried this combo?

Schäfers Hammer is a great weapon, but its slow and requires high Str.

How about Crescent Moon? It has a Static Field proc too and comes with other useful stats and can be made into a Phase Blade which is very fast.

Ya, might have to keep an eye out for a 3 socket PB.
The Schafers route is pretty fun when solo-ing… really makes the dual dream strong… but in 3+ player games it’s just not worth it… the dual dream doesn’t work all that well in 3+ player games anyways, and, now I’m handicapped with slow weapon… and, being slow, now I’m getting hit more and using up health pots… or standing around waiting on redemption… was a fun experiment, but, I’m going back to Mr. Grief.
Thanks for the Crescent Moon note… will try that next.

Schaefer’s hammer is best used on a fanazealot with an infinity merc. You can reach last bp and hurt for real. On a dual dreamer with active own conviction aura I prefer azurewrath.
Actually, static is more useful for 3+ games than any other mechanic.

Interesting. Thank you.

I only have 2 characters, Dual Dream Zealot(lvl93), and my main, a FanataZealot(lvl96).
Both use a Act1 cold merc.
Dual Deam’s has a Faith, Fanata’s has a Windforce socketed with Ber for CB.
I only have 1 Azurewrath, and my Fanata guy carries that on swap to deal with physically immunes.
I was able to make a Cresent Moon (sadly I’ve found better 3 socket PB’s since), and actually had a StormLash on a mule that I had forgotten about, but have not played around with them enough to form an opinion.

You’re point about 3+ games really intrigues me… I was doing open Baal runs with Sorc/Java/Hammer type rooms, so, it was a pretty much a melt-a-thon… guess that was a pretty bad way to try and judge anything I was doing.

I gave up on the Schaefer’s… but it’s so cool I stored it on a mule… the required strength really hinders it for “me”… and I’ve only got 1 token left, so, don’t want to respec (again) to further test/play with the Schaefer’s. Maybe at a later date…
I’m short 2 yellow ess’s to making 2 more tokens… and Meph is a PITA for melee with no teleport…

Well, you can reach last zeal bp with schaefers on fana zealot. Strength requirement is high but it solves 2 majour problems: very high attack rating ( hitting stuff is a problem for a zealer) and max overstack lightning resistance. On top, you get indestructible and 50life. All of that frees up all of the inventory. You can stuff it with 20life scs, or ar/life scs.
The other point I think you didn’t understand well. Most monsters have base lightning resistance. You need to cast static very often to bring their life to 50%. With an infinity merc, you bring their lives to 50% in a moment. You’ll also won’t have problems hitting stuff.
My favourite combination is a schaefer zealot with might/infinity merc, an inventory full with light damage scs (1-72).
Of course, grief is better if you have one but schaefer’s is no pushover either.

The Schaefer’s I traded for is socket’d with an Shael.
My Dual Dream character runs lvl25 conviction (23, but I have a couple skillers I can run when needed).

I love the Act1 merc, so, that’s not something I’d entertain… something about constantly needing to monitor/protect her is appealing to me.
I’m weird.

Both my Zealots have Grief, my main guy has a 40/398/23 with 15%ED (that cost me some runes), and my DualDream guy has a 40/361/20… no ED… decent roll.

just looking for something different that is still fun/fast/reliable/viable.

I’ve been playing this game (on and off) since Dec.2000… but unfortunately played almost exclusively off-line, and… used hero-editor…
Played ladder once, but, didn’t even know I was in a race… LOL!

When D2r released I picked the game back up.
I’m probably the most experienced/veteran “unknowledgeable/newbie” in existence.
I mean I know how to play my melee guts on screen, but, break points, synergies etc etc… I’m still learning, or have yet to grasp.

I truly appreciate your help/advice/input.
Makes me want to go run Meph for those yellow ess’s and play around with my DualDream guy some more.

Last thought for now… I am simply unwilling to abort my Act1 merc. LOL.