Druid ww/bear fix to be equals to other classes

So for wearwolf and bear druids the hunger skill is pointless - as you gain attackspeed it gives bonuses every other hit instead of every hit.
Further more this skill is often overlooked and skipped because of life leach and draculs just being better.

Melee druids just arent that strong and would benefit from AoE to be able to get decent clear times.

Opted solution.
Changing hunger to a skill called “One with Nature”

One with Nature
While in bear and warewolf form.
Only applies to physical attacks bases, meaning for elemental skills to work it needs a physical component aka. Fireclaws works and rabies, not skills like armageddon or tornado and such.

Range capped 10 yards from character.
10/6/3/3/3/3/3/3/3/3/3/3/3% per lvl of your damage when striking hits all target around you (at lvl 20 its 70% of damage)

While it may sound as much damage - its not realy because of following.

-base skill still needs attackrating to hit (not like hammerdin or sorcress nova/blizzard and more) meaning every target still rolls a hit/miss dice.

-not an aura, so summons dont gain this effect, only you as a druid.

-Is not screen wide - meaning you dont hit targets you dont see like mosaic assassin or light sorcs and such - range is set to be shorter just shorter of paladin hammer range.

-If maxed out and with gear and skillers, you still do less AoE damage then any caster would do.

-combined to fury and hitting multible targets would give a massive boost to damage, however, if your not surrounded it scales back like crushing blow - less targets = less hits = less damage.

-worthless skill on single target - this skill is for trash clearing.

gives an option for players to put points in that does not want summons.

This skill could also be applied to gear or talents to for example the barbarian class - where skills as whirlwind would get a drastic boost to damage in the sence that multible target hits would splash back and forth, ecentially giving more damage the more targets they hit - but ultimatly lowers the damage the less targets are avaliable to hit, simmelar to crushing blow.

With this skill I would like to see a new runeword also.

Pelt of the wild.
Vex,ber,ith,jah (play with words for fun, Vex means grow, ber means bear, ith means am, jah means i - Growing bear am I - can be any runeword comp if desired.

3 to all shapeshifting skills
+200% increased defence
+200% increased damage
+40 increased attackspeed
65% movement speed (like hustle - because no teleport needs some love)
20% recovery speed
30 to all ressist
0,5 to HP/character level
10% damage goes to mana.

This armor is escentially a nerfed fortitude with hustle combination - could be used on mercs too making it nice.