Druid wrrbear skill Hunger

Hello fellow druid players.

Im am testing a new werbear druid and wanted to know how effective the Hunger skill is or if it’s bugged. Ways back a few years ago I had tried to used it and it did nothing.

Has anyone tried it and is it effective enough to be used in a fight?

I’ve tried it and found it to be more or less a poor mans lifesteal. The damage on it is bad, so the best use I had for it is keeping it somewhere in my power tray to use when I start to take damage, but only if I was low on potions or didn’t have any leech weapons yet.

It’s okay for healing. But for damage it’s bad. If you wanted to use it as a backup skill until you get geared up I would say go for it, but once you have enough lifesteal you won’t need it. But to use it as a main skill, you will be disappointed.

Crap… ok I thought as much and I thought since patch 2.4 they would have improved it but whatever.

Thanxs for the info !

The problem with Hunger that there is a global -75% penalty to your base damage. The penalty should be changed to -75% from your enhanced damage instead.

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but then it would become too OP in my opinion :smiley:
maybe just keep it as it is but make it never miss, cuz the attack rating is also crap.

iirc Life leach works as intended.

However, mana leach is bugged (unless it’s been fixed since February).

I normally find carrion vine and solar creeper are better methods of life/mana regen as they are 1-point wonders, guaranteed to activate/hit (so long as a corpse present and the vine is active), they return a percentage of your total health pool (which is enormous with WW/WB+oak sage), and it heals you passively while you can use a more effective attack skill to leach life with your weapons.

It you have difficulty keeping your vine alive: 1) use quick cast hotkeys - you literally just need to push one button, 2) listen for the distinctive “screech” made by the vine when it dies - if you hear the screech, press the quick-cast hotkey, 3) veteran druids should make a constant habit of checking the top left of the screen to confirm all their summons are active and re-summoning as required.

Hunger is pretty useless tbh…


I’ve had a little bit of joy with it, using crushing blow and a seriously fast attack speed. Attack rating is always a problem, especially if you’re a bear. Might try combining it with rabies as a wolf.