Druid wishlist for season 3

well, a lot of people make these kind of topics so why not me…
i’ll try to keep things simple and not propose anything too crazy or against the druid lore

Hurricane: With the introduction of sunder charms my feeling is that the Hurricane skill should be changed to do physical damage, not cold damage, so that the build can fully benefit from the charm effect.

Tornado As a concept the skill is fine but the way that the tornado travels is frustrating to say the least, maybe make the travel path a little less random ?

Shockwave This will be a controversial one but i feel that the current bug should be fixed. AoE stuns that always hit should not get 4k damage.
Make the skill depend on IAS (not FCR) and add 1/4 weapon damage to the skill. Shockwave should not be played with caster gear, should be a supplement skill to a Maul build. Basically, the more you Maul the more you increase your attack speed and the faster you shockwave.

Hunger is a weird skill and no one uses it. Maybe make it steal a flat amount of life and mana based on skill level and make it always hit ? Maybe add a 2 sec cooldown to keep things fair?

Spirit of Barbs Right now this skill is useless even in NM due to very poor damage. Maybe, besides the raw damage returned, also add % chance to apply open wounds as retaliation? Lore wise the change makes sense and it would also add some damage that scales with the druid level, without being overpowered.

Aldur Set Maybe change the “+350% Enhanced Damage” set bonus to something like “-35% enemy fire resist”. This would make the set somewhat viable for a Fire Claw + Armageddon hybrid build to start farming Stony Tomb in hell.

Carrion vine. This pet has very limited use, maybe make it so it heals the pets as well?

Movement Speed Since shapeshifters can’t use Tele from enigma maybe also add some extra Movement Speed to Lycanthropy?

Pets I think it was a bad decision to allow the summoning of all pets at once. The AI is very bad and all they do is block themselves and the merc. Instead, we should revert to the old way but buff the pet damage and give them some unique features. Dire wolves could get open wounds or deadly strike and the bear could get some crushing blow instead of the crappy knock-back. This way you could use different pets for different occasions.

Twister could do more dmg as well, atm is a useless skill which does aoe but 0 dmg, it only exists to boost tornado’s dmg, which tornado half times misses the target cause it goes wherever it wants to go.

Wines as useless, period.

Spirits should have like 90% dmg reduce, cause now we spam spirits cause they facking die after 1 simple hit.
Spirit of barb is useless, totally.

The rest of the summons, with the exception of ravens, arent in great spot cause they do okish dmg but could have open wounds to wolves and crushing blow to bear to make the clears and bosses faster or, if you prefer, to compete with others.

On the contrary. Thanks to Solar Creeper my mercenary could drop Insight, and wear Reaper’s Toll which significantly increased damage output of my Wind Druid.

Movement speed on lycanth not enough. We need need leap so can do what barb can do at minimum. WoW shifters had 2 leaps. They needed it. We need it. Heres the truth though: that’s too much to hope for.

Allowing shifters to teleport is crazy easy for devs and solves the problem.

For the love of god help shifters. Nobody plays this class ever for a reason

Summons move 50% faster and attack 40% faster!

IMO giving lycnathropy frw would be a welcomed buff. They also need to alter mark of the wolf from metamorphosis, the new runeword, the AR is useless. IMO it should be +20% poison damage, then change the 40% life to 40% efrw (similar to how burst of speed efrw works/calculated if possible) and just give 20% more life… keep mark of the bear as is

Then please, please make it so you can shift to bear form from wolf and vice versa. No human in between. Then make it so you dont lose feral rage and maul stacks when changing forms. Potentially make it so these benefit the other form as well, but at reduced efficiency.

Also the werebear with same level maul as fury hardly does more damage than fury when at max maul stacks. IMO it should be quite a bit more and better represent a mighty bear. With my tomb reaver my maul at max stacks does like 3k more damage than my fury… IMO it should be like 5k+ perhaps close to like 8k more