Druid volcano or fire for druid newbie


I don’t often play druid on D2R and last time, i struggle in hell (act3) with my druid which was not well geared (i play solo and don’t trade).

Which specialization i can choose to not struggle too hard, tornado, fire, maybe fury but i think it’s harder than the other ?

I don’t want to play zoo, i already have a summoner necro and want to be active


A fire Druid or a wind Druid would be fine playing through. On the fire side, volcano, molten boulder, and armageddon all have a physical component to help with immunes. On the wind side, hurricane is cold damage and the rest are physical, so you have two types of damage there as well.

Shape shifting is also doable, but melee is slower and more gear dependent. You can use the lawbringer runeword to deal with physical immunes in hell.

Thanks for the reply

Shape shifting is so slower and gear dependant or i can go in hell and finish it with budget gear?

Shapeshifting will be slower and more gear dependent, but you can beat hell fine. You’ll probably need to grind a little more, but it’s doable. It just depends on what kind of play style you find fun. If you’re going with shapeshifting, just remember that you’ll want crushing blow on your gear, and you’ll probably want lawbringer to deal with physical immunes. Lawbringer is made with runes that can drop from nightmare countess, so it’s budget and reasonable to expect to get with a little grinding.