Druid Nerf, Now Fix Paladin Conc Bug

As noted in 2.6 Patch Notes, the developers fixed an underlying issue for the Druid that caused the Druid’s Shockwave skill to do an unintended amount of damage. The developers elaborated further that having a particular Druid build be strong because of a bug is not intended.

Using the same reasoning and logic from Blizzard, the developers would be justified on the principle of equal treatment, to fix the underlying issue that exists for the Paladin, namely the Concentration synergy bug that increases the damage for Blessed Hammers at 50% efficiency. Any reasonable person can see without a doubt this is absolutely comparable to the Druid’s Shockwave skill doing an unintended amount of damage.

Why should the Paladin get a free pass on this outstanding bug? I’m proposing to the developers to take action and remove the Concentration synergy bug as it is clearly an exception to established mechanics while ensuring a consistent stance with the nerf to the Druid’s Shockwave skill irrespective of this bug existing for a exorbiant amount of time.

Equal treatment is equal treatment.


Totally agree. But looking at history - they removed it once and people boycotted it. This is ridiculous.
Also remember that hammers without concentration are very weak, so this build would be totally dead without buffing hammers for like double damage.

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That’s a shame and was the wrong decision.