Druid fury and atma's scarab


Is atma’s scarab enough to not struggle as hell in hell? I think to play with hustle as armor and weapon


I think it would be better to use Reaper’s Toll or Obedience in a Thresher as a weapon. I have never used Atma’s Scarab though. Don’t know if it could work on a meele character.

For the moment i don’t have Reaper. I will see for obedience


Both solutions (Atma’s and Reaper’s) really need a Bonebreak to work good.
Reapers works very well.
As does Atma’s… but need fast weapon, and, depending… Feral ramped up.
Not sure your level/gear/resist’s etc., but, when I was coming up though the game I seem to remember wanting/wearing an Ammy with resists…
I went to Atma’s at some point in hell, and without those resist’s, life can drain quick… but Feral ramped up will steal life faster than it can be taken.
Feral becomes your main/standard/routine attack… Fury is for packs, Big dudes/Boses and Immune’s… either way, need to keep Feral ramped up/charged all the time.

I have a couple extra Reapers (207/12 and 203/13)… prices seem all over the place… but reapers is much better option than Atma’s - in my experience.

Thanks for your replies, i have to farm to play my fury druid :slight_smile: