Druid bear and cta broken

i can cast cta buffs once then transform to bear and after that i cant use cta in any form , human or bear .

+1 to this. Also experiencing the same problem.

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This also occurs with werewolf.
I have to wait until the mark of the bear or wolf times out at 180 seconds.
With average gear, my CTA BO will time out well before then so this problem will have a very noticeable and adverse impact on game play.

came here to report this as well

Its not an bug, Mark as restricted for Transforms only. Could be done on purpose. Its matter of setting really. But they should unrestrict it probably.

use barb, wolfhowl transform to wolf
switch to mark
get 40% life 20AR buff
now with beast switch to werebear
get 25% cb 25% DR 25% ias buff
switch back to barb
use tele + ww to own everyone

takes like 10 seconds to do this and everyone will do it. they should absolutely not unrestrict it

What are you trying to say? You mean they should no unrestrict it because you think doing that would break the game or what?

yes that would be massively OP and ruin pvp