Dream FOHdin? Useful or waste of runes

Anyone try this? Thinking the holy shock pulse can help clear faster. Something like 20 holy bolt/FoH/resist lightning, 15 conviction and rest salvation.

Haven’t had a chance to try it myself, would love to hear if anyone has and their feedback!

I’ve done dream + FoH and just regular MFin gear without dream setup, and the regular setup kills faster. Single target is a bit slow but that aoe from the FoH in Chaos / pit / any demon/undead area is oh so sweet. Maybe toss dream setup on a merc if you want the supplemental lightning tick damage. Dream zealot is better at other areas that aren’t specific to demon/undead so roll both and farm basically the entire game :slight_smile:

Haven’t tried but seems like a waste of rune if made. FoHdin meant to kill demon/undead, if you want to clear other mobs, 20 foh 20 bolt, rest into hammers and synergy with 1 in conc

Dream is awful man.

Im sitting here with a Dream bone visage and a 45 all res Dream sac targe I can’t get rid of

Would you break up the set and trade the shield alone?
If so, what are the full stats?