Dragon tail assa is gonna be super cool and strong in 2.5 right?

Right now it deals 0 to mobs either physical immun OR fire immun right?
So after 2.5, a little fire sunder charm and boom she’s gonna have the time of her life right?
Phoenix shield being so strong for the build since it decreases fire res and adds physical dmg, along with many other useful mods overall. Flickering flames +skills wont work for it though is it? I wonder if the -15 fire res is still worth it compared to lets say even just a Shako that will boost both Tiger strike and Dragon tail. Also the Fire res aura would be more than appreciated of course to nullify the -75 from the charm.
I think she’ll be really cool, I cant wait to play that and many other super cool builds that will finally be allowed to be… PLAYED. I cant understand how people can be crying so hard about sunder charms. But well, not the topic here.

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