Double throw and lacerator


I found an eth lacerator in SSF and i imagine doing a double throw barbarian with Angelic and Sigon sets, Hustle Armor.

Is it viable or will i struggle as Hell in hell?

For the merc, i may use an act2 might with Hustle or insight


Patch 2.4 of D2R did buff throw barbs, making them fun and viable, apparently, however I have yet to try one. Eth lacerator is definitely one of the BiS for this build. While Angelic AR bonus is super useful if needed, and Sigons is one of my favorite twink sets for leveling alts, it definitely can run out of steam for Hell. That said, people do SSF runs with this build, so Sigons + Angelic would be a leg up compared to a lot of what you’d find running SSF.

I say go for it and tell us how it goes!

Thanks, i think i’ll go and test and hope a good surprise :slight_smile:

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One advantage on throwbarb playthrough in Hell is: Ancients are done pretty easily with almost any gear. Since you dont run out of ammo practically speaking. You can kite Ancients infinitely. Just get 1% manaleech source. Throw and run, throw and run.

Put 1 point in Grimward and use it to fear and kill monsters from safety if necessary.

With Lacerator amp dmg you will do more than fine in Hell. Can shop some Cruel Javelins at Anya.

Ive done a few double throw barbs. Usually glimmer shred with lacerator for weapons. One trealky helpful budget option is to make a peace rune word armor. The +2 amazon skills armor. It gives the oskill critical strike with the amount from throwing mastery its enough to infinitle replenish any throwing weapon. Plus normally you will get a level 15 valkery proc reasonably often. This gives you another body besides yourself and merc to draw fire. Reasonsble durable for p1 to p3 even in hell difficulty.

Edit that is with a decent level of battle orders and shout she can tank.


Yea throw barbs are viable. Eth lacerator is a must so youre covered. Try to get another high damage throw weapon or an eth warshrike.

With enigma its quite fun to play. The flee mod on lacerator is actually nice since you are ranged you can “backstab” the fleeing mob!

Thanks for all your replies, i’m leveling a barbarian and will try a double throw instead of singer.

For the armor, Peace or hustle?

You speak about Anya for cruel javelin, i can find them on nightmare?

And what about the merc, i don’t have faith so i imagine using and Act2 merc might with hustle

What do you think?

For Fortitude or enigma sre bestbin slot. Hustle is good for movemnt and ias. Treachy offers another good alternative. Peace will give you a valkery at level 15 with high battle orders she can take a pretty good beating. But the big upside for peace is the oskill criyical strike to replenish ammo if you dont havr high lords.

Thanks for the armor

Do you have an idea for the two other questions? :slight_smile:

Weapons you can trade for or shop Anya. Glimmer shed ot warshrike are probably you best pairing eith lacerator.

For a merc you could act2 either might or blessed aim depending on you attackrating needs. If you have any mana ssteal i would arm him with reapers toll for decrepify and life steal. Cure helm for cleansing and whatever armor you want.

Another option if you need AR would be an act 3 fire merc for enchant. ETHERAL spirit monarch, hexfire shamshir, flickering flame if you cann afford or any + skills hat and armor.

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Thanks for all your replies

I struggle in singer and i imagine reach level 68 to use my lacerator and respect in double throw

I want to craft a second weapon for leveling and i have a doubt about the recipe. I see hitpower weapon with Tir rune, perfect saphire and Jewel, Is this ok for throw axe or javelin?

Its a fun class, your dps is less than frenzy or whilwind. But you dont have to get into melee range. Its like using a bowazon kite enemies and attack from a range when you can. The core us 20 double throw, 20 throwing mastery and 20 battle orders. You, ll need 1 i. Leap, bash, ucrease stanima increase speed, iron skin and natural resist. Beyond that you can poot the remaing points in shout, double swing for synergy damage or some combination of find item or grim ward.

Lacerator is insanely good mate. Throw barb is considered op in mf farming for barb, he can even do ubers efficiently