[Done!] LF 2x Ko Runes

LF 2x Ko Runes please. Text me to Fearléss#2655

Ladder or Non? if NL i have 2.

and I have a couple ladder ones.

NL. Please and text me on my battle net please

Hey Fearless, it will not be until tomorrow until i get back home i will msg you then.

yo m8 still want to do the trade?

yeah deff catch me this weekend.

Text me on Fearléss#2655 when you are ready. I will be online all day today mate. :slight_smile:

Your not showing up on my f list sent you a request Wed.

I dont have any requests m8. Tell me your battle tag name please.

Here you go.

I’ve just sent it. :slight_smile:

Ty for the trade. :slight_smile:

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