Do Devs Not Understand Frenzy Barb? Ptr Lolz

if you run treachery and andy face and shael rune in your reaper toll, the merc is at like 90 IaS and attacks super fast. I get a ton of decrepifys. but even still, running two grief, you murder everything even when its not decrepified. if its physical immune and your merc is being stupid somewhere or stuck, you just use beserk and 2 shot it with berserk

try Death Runeword + Grief is your relying on merc for Decripy

that extra CB % is sick…especially for bosses

i do agree extra CB is worth. you can switch to Gface instad of arreat, or use death yes. this is also good for ubers

do you think maybe they purposely did this to get us switching around characters, muleing and popping in and out of games frequently straining the servers to test a brand new PTR environment? There would not have been as much strain if all the characters were just good to go.

agree the gear is pretty bad for melee

you are able to find a eth fortitude on your druid merc i think with a cham vampire gaze and a 2 ber Crown of Ages , i use it only for pvp

at least read the short ptr thread at the top of the page please

Laying of hands are better tho, good resist and most importantly great bonus vs demons. I have. I have double swing barb on HC and i leech just fine with gear I have without need of life tap from draculs. Also is not lawbringer better as off hand? so you can deal better with dangerous enemies or immunes.

I would honestly like to see your barb in action, idk why i have never thought about using frenzy buff and then WW. I never really liked WW but if its great together, i might try it.

sure i can login or stream anytime today

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Some of the stuff is reflective of the new skills/balance stuff they’re doing in the near future ptr

1 point in whirlwind is so absolutely critical for frenzy barb that I will never play barb without it again. Alot of players see me doing it and are shocked like ‘wow that’s so good’ and I am just kinda startled because it just makes so much sense that I can’t believe it’s not already the meta.

This is because even if you aren’t using WW for damage, the ability to move through enemies and reposition yourself in a fight is critical to staying alive and farming efficiently in hardcore.

It’s not really good for damage until you have insane weapons, but it still is really nice on enemies that are low hp/high numbers that you can just mow through.

This exactly. They made builds around the metas but not the right skills / gear in many cases. All the characters have all the GG gear on them to make most of the meta builds but you have to log in / swap stash and make games / switch chars to do it. Really cleaver, even though it does open them up for “devs don’t understand how their own game works” criticism.

I think they knew EXACTLY what they were doing here to get the PTR junkies to test exactly what they needed them to test here – the database changes to see if anything falls over under load.

Well i prefer to use leap for moving. Its much more save way than WW as WW might kill you as you still proc special stuff like fire enchanted if you kill mob.

Just a PTR where they want you to log in and out all day and create all kinds of characters and stuff. That’s why the gear is all screwed up, there is enough there to use shared stash and swap stuff around there is also a token character with token for you

leap is viable but ww you’re still doing damage when you move, and that’s also why i use dracs for the extra life steal. im on now ill stream for a bit or you can pm me Major#11761


Twitch live now

edit2: just dropped IK chest on stream :stuck_out_tongue:

I watched the recording and it certianly look as fun to play but i have few things to say.

I noticed that you dont use Find item, thats huge loss if you play hat build for MF or rune finding. About the WW, i am not sure about dmg output after being charged from frenzy, but it does seem to be problematic to use it. You are so fast that you pretty frequently just end up missing and doing long WW outside of monster packs.

I wonder why even use WW or frenzy when your double swing is doing so much dmg anyway and double swing already has +50% ias. Since you dont use find item I see that build as huge loss of skills points. You could easily gain like 20+ skillpoints to use elsewhere instead of WW.

I am not saying its bad, but I feel like its waste of points to invest so many points into attack skills.

I was interested to see it in cows, can you record that next time maybe when you will be playing? And show also equip.

My own barbarian is hybrid between Berserk and Double swing. I can do travincal almost just as fast as you and on top of it i have 52% chnace with find item. I can also do pindleskin extremely efficiently with even 1000 MF very fast. So I see it as better honestly. And I have only one grief, no forti. You see, I struggle to understand at what your character excel. Its completely fine if you play it for fun, its just me maybe. When I play certain build, I am playing it because it does something better than other builds.

But your barbarian is still great, it was nice to see it.

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appreciate the feedback. i do indeed do it mainly for fun. in terms of MF, i’m not concerned about MF, my strategy is just to kill as many mosters as fast as possible to find runes. when i want to do MF i use my sorceress.

horking is cool but i don’t really care for it. i can kill another pack faster than i would hork the first dead pack. when i do hork, i just use rondels. i have double rondel in stash.

the WW can indeed be messy when you are moving that fast, but as you can see he still kills stuff fast enough that i dont mind

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Hey I have something for you too :smiley:

I tried to record my travincal run and my equip and skills, video quality sucks tho. I dont know why its in smaller window. I normaly use spirits on switch for horking but i had najs staff there as i teleport baalruns with it sometimes.

I have 16 points in howl so if blizzard patch the fast creation, i can get to work and pindle run with him also as he just howl everyone except pindle and merc kills him easily.

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How many more stupid posts like these do we have to endure? no one reads what the current ptr is for and then complains lol

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looks solid. are you on hardcore? i’d be scared to use a zerker build in hardcore with the defense issue

Dude just chill lol.