Do all you people do here is complain?

Enigma this, teleport that, bots this, maphack that, maintenance “oh no i can’t play” this…

Find something to do with your life if you get triggered this much by a freaking game, bunch of cry babies lol.

What a toxic forum.


Well, if not complaining they would be playing otherwise wouldn’t they?

Unlike yourself most actually complain constructively and Blizzard support this as they do at times listen to the community.

You can thank the complainers that you currently have Diablo 2 changes and I’m talking about the ones you like otherwise you wouldn’t play this game.
The funny thing is you added the to the toxicity by just winning and complaining about others.
Let people play how they want, they are allowed to voice theor opinions in this forum.

Key word here is constructive ly…


Do you think a forum full of love would be better? Nothing would get fixed, no one would dare to criticize, it would be boring and pointless to read. Every thread would just be about how great Blizz is…

Maybe these players want change to the game and come to the official forums in the hopes that the company reps read it and make those changes? IDK just a thought.


it’s very toxic of you making a toxic thread about us toxic people complaining about a toxic game. Matter fact we do not complain about toxic people, just a bout the toxic game, and that’s why you are the one being toxic not us.



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sweet salty tears, sweet salty tears

I wonder what ability will be replacing Teleport next on the forums.
Teleport is not broken.
It’s just misunderstood.

I find it better experience than playing this broken game.

All of you posts are complaining about complainers. That, in itself, is complaining…

This thread should be the Department of Redundancy Department…

If others crying, makes you cry, then don’t listen to them crying…
…Or do, I think this is hilarious. Put on your big kid pants and just play.


It took them nearly 20 years to fix the issues the game has had since launch. I don’t think the complaints did much to be honest.

Isn’t this post a complaint about complaining? lolol

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Complainception. I find a lot of the complaints a bit odd but it’s good that people are complaining or suggesting things. It means they care about it, some selfishly but it’s still someone who sees an issue or perceived issue they think should be fixed.

I know I can’t stop ranting about the lobby, but to me it feels like they just don’t see how bad it is.


Here complaining about people complaining…


This is the result of a very lazy and disappointing patch 2.4

Had they given us a Major patch rather than it minor one

People would have had more game content to play, not having time to go on forums

D2R needs QoL and endgame activities

  • loot filter

  • holy grail tab

  • ingredient stacking

  • Anya personalize transmog

  • Hell+

  • Pvp point system

  • Natalya Cleansing contracts

  • crafting 2.0

  • replace immunity with resistant

  • reworked synergy system

  • reworked ctc/Oskill/charge system

  • reworked itemization

With that much meat on the bone, people would have no reason nor time to whine

The sole purpose of any internet forum is to complain. That’s just the nature of the internet, not this board alone. Also, you’re complaining.

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Comes to the forum, to complain about the complaints in the forums…


If people complain so much about D2R, why even play this game? :rofl:

Because people complain for it to be better because it can easily and effortlessly be better

People love the game, see the potential, they want to play the game

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Again im taking this as more of an assumption than fact.

The reason is simple, we want to better our own things just like this game.
I would rather me, you amd everyone here play this game together while seeking new and better ways.
Complaints make things better or how else would they know. We also have the right to complain because we actually are complaining with our money what we paid for.
Complain away but constructivly and also hear the opinions of you other gamers as it might not be a good idea and hurts the game.
Some toxicity will be around but if you care for your game then fight back constructively and get involved in the PTR.