Did forum color theme just get revamp?

i also got this annoying bar following me when i scroll down
the bar with
Forum > Discussion ---------------------empty space----------------------search icon, 3 dots, D2 pic

Yep. Looks like Blizzard and Discourse have been busy.

I wish the floating forum tree bar would float up to the top of the window when you scroll down and then stay there though. It is a bit annoying hovering over text.

They still haven’t done anything with automatically hiding forever ignored users threads though… :weary:

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lmao I was about to say, am I high or did the forum just change? Maybe this is one of those unknown changes they warned us about lol

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Man they actually made it worse. Geez. =/


This feels very starcraft-y

Isn’t this what the EU forum used to look like? Now theirs looks like how ours used to look.

Yeah it kind of looks like the old forums…

Now they just need to bring the :+1: / :-1: system back. :smiley:

Is there no way to get rid of the floating bar thing? x.x

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Looks like they’re still tweaking. Another bar has been added, which apparently doesn’t recognize that I own D2:R because it’s got a big red “Buy Now” button.

think they just fixed it, looks like it’s anchored now

Not loving the new one, it keeps wanting me to buy D2R as if I can post here if I didn’t own it.

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I miss the old downvote button … Some idea on the forum clearly needed to be told they were bad by smashing the dislike button ! :upside_down_face:

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I’m glad this is what they spend their time on. Breaking arret summit and doing a color change on the forums was clearly a priority amongst the playerbase.

perhaps though it is a good thing, much more reliable than them actually doing something positive with the game.


its still following for me…and now its 2 bar instead of 1 :S

They can update the forums, but can’t update the game :smiley:

Yeah, well, we live in an era where peoples feelings aren’t allowed to be hurt. A :-1: might make someone break down and cry a little. Can’t have that.

i was wondering if it was only me

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I really do like the blue. But any chance we can get in game chat fixed? Any chance yall can get arret summit back online? Any chance yall could work on the QoL update everyone and their momma actually wants. Like we get it you let jimbo mess with the forum on his 7 hour paid lunch break, but we really didn’t need this, and while he was working on it he broke arret summit. Perhaps you should revert to the patch before you killed FHR. Then start asking people what they actually want instead of what you think is proper, because so far almost everything yall have thought has been awful.


weird, I don’t have the buy now button, but I have the floating bar following me.

I like it! Looks a bit like the old one.