Diablo II: Resurrected Patch 2.5 Now Live

Diablo II: Resurrected Patch 2.5 Now Live

Terror Zones are now live in Diablo II: Resurrected! Experience this new feature in all expansion-enabled online games now and on October 6 when Ladder Season Two begins.

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thank you but.

nothing about traps/hydra/minions with sunder charm.
no info about when noladder can make ladder runuwords.

Any abilities granted by a Sundering Charm will also extend to your pets and summons, so keep that in mind as you upgrade your character.


ok thanks, did not see this.
means only sundering charm works with minions, not facets +%/-% res or griffon i guess

i just tested the lightning charm. the monster loses it’s immunity, but traps deal 0 damage.


Huh, neat. Gotta get that bone break for the summoner necro then.

Tested how? Does not look like PTR got the updated version so cant test it.

firs terrorized map worst map ever
kurast sewer, density 0 and sometimes a few dolls ^^

nevermind, thx for the update!

No new rune words like they promised?

And they’re going full send with their bad ideas.


See yall on ladder still tho.

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i tested 2.5 on live in singleplayer with a savegame someone created. souls in CS have their immunity tag removed, but traps don’t even deal 1 pixel of damage to them.
edit: hydra also doesn’t

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Thank you Blizzard!

Please consider making Teleport accessible to all classes (including Shapeshifters) and introduce new cheap low/mid/high-level Runewords!

the colour is a bit much.

Its not a good idea to keep Sunder Charms for Ladder only.
A lot of people do not have time to restart, they got job/kids to take care of.
Please reconsider to have it for non ladder online players.


True should be in all modes by default.

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No new runewords have been promised.

The charms are a season feature, they will dissapear when season 3 starts

Says who? They are here forever as we want them to be.

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that means new charms can’t be transfered to no ladder after the end of season 2?

how do you know that?

He dont

He is just speculating…and alot

They likely won’t be.

What has been said before launch of D2R was that unique ladder season features would be brought to NL the following season (not just trades but findable/recipe enabled. Until we hear otherwise we should assume that Sunder Charms will come to NL when Season 2 ends/Season 3 begins.

With how much time was between Season 1 and Season 2 I have a feeling 90%+ of the community could do ladder and get good advancement. I was planning to only do NL (and SP on the side) but will eb doing ladder this month and likely in the future because we have quite a bit of time it seems. Also, ladder 2, for me, is more interesting than ladder 1 so I am willing to “reset” and my HC characters need a reset anyways (died awhile back =( )