Diablo II: Resurrected Patch 2.4 | Ladder Now Live

Well, with the game being Global with a single Global ladder they have opted to do the same thing they did with Game Release. It all happens at one time which is based on US West Coast time (adjusted to your Region).

Kind of the reality of a Global game/ladder.

D3 is set up the way you prefer where each Region and Ladder is separate so the times are different and set up for evening in each Region.


It’s not in the patch notes, but I hope they fixed the game list to show ALL games.


Yeah, and maybe bring categories like PVP, trade, questing, farming.


Theres also a modding update? Nice

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Oh yeah!
When can we buy more character slots/stash tabs/attach more D2R licenses on the same Blizzard account?
Desperately need this feature if I am to keep my friends and manage my loot better.

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Amazing patch, fixed tons of bugs, nice balances and even something for modders!

But I’m kinda sad that Raise Skeleton got no love :frowning:

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It looks like they won’t be single-player, offline either. Unless they forgot to put it in the notes

I thought there wouldn’t be any limitations for single-player anymore, but if they said they’re like the old ladder-only runewords, then there probably won’t be.

You can have as many bnet accounts and game licenses as you want. You can launch multiple d2r clients on the same machine if you use VMs.

So let me get this straight…

With D2R they made it possible to use Ladder-only runewords in Single Player without a mod and then with Patch 2.4 they undid that by making new Ladder-only runewords?

You really are some kind of special, Blizzard!


They should be unlocked for all after ladder. At least that was the plan the first place. Maybe thex forgot to add, this info, since they already said it.

The original ladder runewords were unlocked single player.

The new ladder only runewords are like the original ladder only runewords, they can only be created during the ladder… Once that ladder is over, those new runewords will be moved to the non-ladder runeword category… New ladder only runewords will be released, the next ladder will happen… And the cycle repeats until they eventually stop releasing new runewords.

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the runewords move to non ladder after season over. like the old ones are now available in non ladder. It is same thing

Single player is like nonladder, so when ladder ends you will be able to do new runewords, always one season behind.
This was not the case before, if it was ladder then nonladder and single player got none. Good change for sure.

None of that is my point. I only play single player. No on-line. The draw for me to buy D2R was not having to use a mod to use Ladder runewords and they fixed that.

Now, they undid that. My point is, it hurts no one to allow them in Single Player OFFLINE!


what about wrong trap damage while using eye of griffon seen in the UI ?

fixed or ?

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and you will have them in single player online as soon as ladder is over

Why do you think they’re making new runewords every season? I’ve seen no mention of that in the patch notes?

You have two choices, wait until the ladder only runewords are switched to non-ladder/singleplayer, or use mods to unlock them.

the new runewords are incentive for ppl to compete in the online race of ladder. They are now giving all old runes to be used after a season, which is only like 90-120 days.

I think they will wait to see what the response from the community is about the ladder season. They may have held some new stuff back for the next ladder season, but if this one flops then I doubt they will waste many more resources on new developments.